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8 Enjoy the benefits of ' mountain air' right in your home Air Wellness ® Technology Enjoy a cleaner, more refreshing atmosphere with Nikken's patented air fi ltration system. Most people live in areas with unhealthy levels of air pollution. Indoor pollution is said to be even worse than outdoor air. Carpeting, upholstery, paint and cleaning agents can all emit chemical vapours. Dust, pollen, odours, dead skin cells, dust mites and pet hairs are also often present in the air. This polluted air affects your health every day. The only way to protect yourself and your family from these effects is with a state- of- the-art filtration system. To introduce air as fresh as ' mountain air' and to help you and your family breathe easier, Nikken offers the Air Wellness ™ Power5 Pro ™ .

www. nikkenair. eu 9 Air Wellness ™ Power5 Pro ™ Energise your home with ' mountain air' Remove airborne particles that affect allergy sufferers Pioneering ozone- free process There are many ways to remove airborne contaminants, and the Air Wellness ™ Power5 Pro ™ utilises not one, but several of these technologies. As well as a carbon fi lter, it features a revolutionary advanced fi ltration process that breaks down molecular compounds and organisms, without the use of chemicals or light. This innovative product also uses the absolute standard of excellence in air fi ltration – a High Effi ciency Particulate Air ( HEPA) fi lter, identical to those used in laboratories and hospital operating rooms. The Air Wellness ™ Power5 Pro ™ produces negative ions in a pioneering ozone- free process called Clean Ion Generation. Ions are charged atoms or molecules, and negative ions attract airborne particles and remove them from the air. These ions are found in abundance in certain natural settings. You may notice that a walk through a forest or by a waterfall creates a soothing and relaxing feeling – the Japanese call this ' shinrinyoku', or ' forest air breathing'. Our Ionic Comfort Technology is unique in that it provides the user with the benefi ts of negative ions, without creating ozone. Another key benefi t of the Nikken Air Wellness ™ Power5 Pro ™ is that it can remove the airborne particles that affect allergy sufferers. It has received endorsements from the European Centre for Allergy Research Foundation and British Allergy Foundation organisations that endorse products specifi cally designed to remove allergens from the environment. With a convenient, multi- function remote control, the Air Wellness ™ Power5 Pro ™ can operate automatically through sensors that detect a change in the air, or you can adjust it to manage different conditions. AIR WELLNESS ™ PoWER5 PRo ™ UK/ IRL CodE: 1590 PRT/ RoM CodE: 1591 AIR WELLNESS ™ PoWER5 PRo ™ FILTER PACK CodE: 1593 • • • Air technology at its best " Since I installed my new Air Wellness ™ Power5 Pro ™ in my offi ce, I experience better breathing with the fresh outdoor air sensation. Its design is superb and its functions are very practical. I love it." Claude Dalla Palma – Switzerland ENVIRONMENTAL SOLUTIONS