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® Recent studies have shown that our homes may be the number one source of toxic contaminants in our lives. Nothing has a more constant, day- to- day influence on our health than the environment of the home we live in. WHAT IS A WELLNESS HOME? A Wellness Home provides solutions to the most important aspects of wellness. Living in a healthy home environment is vital to our health and wellbeing and that of our families. WHY WE NEED WELLNESS HOME? Our fast- paced modern lifestyles leave us with very little time to look after ourselves and our families. We are stressed, tired, worried and ' time poor'. We are also continuously bombarded with an unseen danger – the unhealthy effects of pollution, both indoors as well as out. In fact, a family home may actually contain more environmental hazards than a congested urban area! A Nikken Wellness Home ® supports good health by providing better air quality, water, sleep, regular and improved exercise, and wholesome nutrition. HOW CAN I ACHIEVE A WELLNESS LIFESTYLE? You can easily transform your current home into a Wellness Home. It requires no technical knowledge, no remodelling or major changes to the way you live. Nikken has created products that can be integrated into your existing home and lifestyle. A Nikken Wellness Home ® is created when adequate attention is given to each of the core aspects of living that can result in a dramatic improvement in your family's quality of life. Wellness Solutions ENVIRONMENTAL SOLUTIONS 8 Air Wellness ® Technology 10 PiMag ® Water Technology PERFORMANCE AND RECOVERY SOLUTIONS 16 Sleep Technology 22 Magnetic Technology 24 Magnetic Biaxial Rotation 29 Support Wraps 30 Jewellery LIFESTYLE SOLUTIONS 34 Basic Nutrition 38 Targeted Nutrition 40 Weight Management 42 Skincare 44 Fitness Shoes TABLE OF CONTENTS " I am very grateful that I discovered Nikken products and am enjoying the great benefits of my Wellness Home. I would advise everybody to experience this fantastic and incomparable feeling." Molnárné Dévald Eleonóra – Hungary

6 BREATHE FRESH ' MOUNTAIN AIR'. DRINK THE PURE, ENERGISED WATER THAT NATURE INTENDED FOR YOU With the Air Wellness ™ Power5 Pro ™ and PiMag ® Water The quality of air we breathe and water we drink is not as good as it should be for optimum health. We are faced with unseen man- made contamination and pollution that threatens these very basics of our needs. Our Air Wellness ® Technology removes airborne particles and energises your home with ' mountain air' using a pioneering ozone friendly process while our PiMag ® Water Technology is based on nature's own water fi ltration system. With Nikken, you can be sure that the water you drink and the air you breathe are as pure and clean as nature intended.