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47 Product Guarantee Nikken offers a statutory warranty on most of its products against manufacturing faults. For more information please contact Customer Services. Nikken guarantees these products to be free from defects in workmanship. The Nikken TriPhase ® Sports Bracelet has a 90- day guarantee. The Air Wellness ™ Power5 Pro ™ unit has a one- year guarantee, and its motor is guaranteed for five years. The KenkoComfort ™ and KenkoDream ® Deluxe have a 15- year pro rata guarantee under the following terms: The Nikken mattress will be replaced without charge to you, should it be found to be defective because of faulty workmanship or defective materials during the first five ( 5) years ( other than specific limitations contained herein). The guarantee covers physical defects or changes that cause a visible indentation ( more than 2cm) in the Nikken material. The guarantee does not cover normal changes in hardness or properties that do not affect the pressure- relieving properties. The Nikken mattress must be kept on a firm base in accordance with our product instructions. From year six ( 6) to fifteen ( 15) the guarantee is reduced by 1/ 10 of the original purchase price per annum and the transportation costs shall be the responsibility of the purchaser. The mattress outer cover has a guarantee for two ( 2) years for faults in material and workmanship. All guarantees contained herein shall not apply if the Nikken mattress has been physically damaged including burns, cuts or is abnormally soiled or unsanitary. This guarantee is valid for any person who legally acquired possession of the product during the guarantee period. This limited guarantee does not cover damage caused by Lightning, Flooding, Fire, Acts of God, War and Public Disturbances. Please note that this guarantee does not cover the following: normal wear and tear and misuse ( including failure to use the products for their normal purposes and inappropriate storage of products). The guarantee only applies in the countries in which Nikken is currently licensed and established. Please note: Nikken products are not approved medical devices. People who are in their first three months of pregnancy, or who have a pacemaker, health problem or electronic device ( either implanted or external) should consult their doctor or the manufacturer of the device before using magnetic products. Recommended filter replacement times PiMag ® Ultra Shower Every 90 days ( cartridge) PiMag ® Water System Every month ( cartridge and sponge) PiMag ® Optimiser Every year ( Pi- Ring) or after 200 hours of use PiMag ® Maxi Stones – every six months Filter cartridge – every month Sponge/ ceramic filter – every month Air Wellness ™ Power5 Pro ™ Every six months Gauss Strengths (+/- 50) Elastomag ® Neck Wrap 250 Kenko Sleep Mask 300 KenkoInsoles ® 450 KenkoStrides ® 450 Kenko Flex 450 KenkoSeat ® Plus Standard 450 KenkoDream ® Quilt 500 Kenko Max 650 Kenko Mini 700 KenkoDream ® Deluxe Mattress 750 Kenkopad ® 750 KenkoDream ® Pillow 750 MagCreator ® 800 KenkoComfort ™ Deluxe Mattress 1,000 Silver Tone Necklace 1,000 Gold Tone Necklace 1,000 Nikken Belt 1,000 Magboy ® 1,100 PiMag ® Water System 1,200 PiMag ® Maxi 1,200 Milano Heart Pendant 1,200 Verona Cross Pendant 1,200 Firenze Serpentine Pendant 1,200 Napoli Swirl Bracelet 1,200 Venetia Swirl Bracelet 1,200 PiMag ® Ultra Shower 1,500 Interlaced Two Tone Bracelet 1,500 Crossover Titanium Bracelet 1,500 Braided Stainless Steel Bracelet 1,500 Titanium Link Bracelet 1,500 Kenko Super Mini ( with FIR disc) 1,600 Biaxial Body Energiser ™ 1,800 Biaxial PowerMag ™ 1,800 PiMag ® Optimiser 3,500 Contact Details Tel: UK 0845 458 2744 Ireland 1800 551461 Romania + 44 1908 208556 Portugal 800 844324 Email: UK connect- uk@ nikken. co. uk Ireland connect- ie@ nikken. co. uk Romania ROMsupport@ nikken. co. uk Portugal POsupport@ nikken. co. uk Web: www. nikkenwellbeing. co. uk www. nikkenwellbeing. eu www. nikkenskincare. eu www. nikkenweight. eu www. nikkenjewellery. eu www. nikkenair. eu www. nikkenmagtech. eu www. nikkenwholefoods. eu www. nikkenwellnesshome. eu www. nikkensleep. eu CUSTOMER INFORMATION

Your Independent Nikken Consultant Make Wellness a part of your everyday lifestyle in three easy steps... Under WEEE regulations, the following products should be disposed of free of charge at specifi c locations within civic amenity sites ( CA sites). Nikken also offers a take- back service. WEE/ JK0196VQ PiMag ® Optimiser Biaxial Body Energiser ™ Air Wellness ™ Power5 Pro ™ Biaxial PowerMag ™ Wellness @ Home Starter Pack A great introduction to Nikken's range of technologies from the Environment Solutions, Performance & Recovery Solutions and Lifestyle Solutions categories, helping you identify which products suit your lifestyle best. Nikken Sleep System The outstanding Nikken Sleep System is a key component of a Nikken Wellness Home ® . Everyone needs to feel refreshed and invigorated after a good night's sleep. Wellness Home Completion Pack The fi nal step towards the completion of your Wellness Home, containing energising products primarily focused on your Environment. You also have the opportunity to add more of your favourite products, and earn more discounts. YOUR THREE STEPS TO BUILDING A NIKKEN WELLNESS HOME ® : 123 This material can be disposed of by recycling or incineration for energy recovery and is biodegradable. Nikken UK Limited, 1 Deltic Avenue, Rooksley, Milton Keynes, MK13 8LD. © 2009 Nikken UK Limited www. nikkenwellbeing. co. uk In line with its Total Wellness concept, Nikken uses paper products from Managed Forests. Managed Forests are governed by rigorous standards in order to protect the ecosystem and promote environmental balance. FSC LOGO UK/ IRL/ PRT/ ROM 2009/ 10