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42 STEP 1 – SOOTHE Seisho ™ Clear A gently foaming aloe vera gel cleanser, Seisho ™ Clear soothes and improves skin texture with a unique, rich blend of 15 active botanical extracts. Flower essences and essential oils remove impurities, while cherry and sage extracts tone and brighten the skin. Seisho ™ Clear contains calming antibacterial and anti-infl ammatory ingredients, and St. John's Wort, to protect and rebalance without drying skin. SEISHo ™ CLEAR ( 125 ML) CodE: 1920 Beautiful skin with natural products The NATUrAL SoLUTioN Seisho ™ At Nikken, we understand the importance of using naturally sourced ingredients on your skin, and our botanical skincare line complements the full range of Nikken wellness products. As the largest organ in your body, the skin is not just a protective barrier against the elements; it also regulates body temperature and blood pressure, and shields against harmful diseases. If you nourish your skin, it will look healthy on the outside and help you stay healthy on the inside too. It is essential to integrate an effective skincare regime into your lifestyle, and with Nikken's pure, natural skincare, you will be well on your way to healthy, beautiful skin. With a uniquely high concentration of active botanical extracts, Seisho ™ skincare products have a clean and pure, water and fragrance- free formulation suitable for men and women and all skin types. NOURISH Seisho ™ Nourishing Crème Brighten dull skin with this intensive, non- greasy cream. Seisho ™ Nourishing Crème moisturises skin with a deeply nourishing blend of aloe vera, shea butter, jojoba, sweet almond and rice oils. Collagen is stimulated and skin tone balanced with Botaniderm ™ , a penetrating, regenerating and brightening complex exclusive to Nikken. Seisho ™ Nourishing Crème defends against free radical damage with powerful antioxidants, white tea extract and Alpha- Lupaline, an ingredient derived from white lupin seeds. SEISHo ™ NoURISHING CRÈME ( 50 ML) CodE: 1923

www. nikkenskincare. eu 43 SMOOTH SILKY SKIN Seisho ™ Illuminating Serum Reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and strengthen skin elasticity with this revolutionary perfecting serum. Seisho ™ Illuminating Serum visibly illuminates the skin and corrects imperfections with * Lipolight ® , a patented luminescent technology. Plant- based ceramides help prevent the formation of fine lines, while soy- based Lecithin softens skin texture. Sepilift, a powerful anti- ageing solution, stimulates collagen production and strengthens elasticity. * Lipolight ® is a registered Lipo Chemicals Inc. trademark. SEISHO ™ ILLUMINATING SERUM ( 15 ml) Code: 1924 STEP 2 – CALM Seisho ™ Revitalise A refreshing toner designed to balance cleansed skin after cleansing, Seisho ™ Revitalise calms with soothing witch hazel and is an ideal aftershave lotion. Skin is moisturised and decongested with rose water, and nourished by calming wild pansy, wheat germ and vitamin E. Seisho ™ Revitalise helps reduce the appearance of large pores. It contains pro- vitamin B5 to keep skin supple, and ginkgo biloba to stimulate circulation. SEISHO ™ REVITALISE ( 200 ml) Code: 1921 STEP 3 – HYDRATE Seisho ™ Replenish Encourage cell turnover and reduce environmental damage with this light, yet intensely moisturising lotion. Seisho ™ Replenish contains phytaluronate, an intensely hydrating natural anti- wrinkle ingredient. Moisturising shea butter reduces puffiness and mineral- rich chondrus crispus repairs skin. This moisturiser brightens skin with essential oils and revitalising mallow, and defends against free radical damage with antioxidant, vitamin E. SEISHO ™ REPLENISH ( 125 ml) Code: 1922 LIFESTYLE SOLUTIONS