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www. nikkenweight. eu 40 A MEAL IN A GLASS Essential Balance Shakes our unique shakes provide a weight loss solution that is rich in vitamins and minerals, and high in protein, with 20g per serving. Each nutritious shake contains just 210 calories when made with 250 ml skimmed milk, and is available in delicious strawberry or vanilla fl avour. Nikken Essential Balance ™ Shakes contain Prolibra ™ , our specially sourced and unique nutritional ingredient for weight management programmes. Prolibra ™ is a whey- derived milk mineral complex, clinically proven to help you reduce fat in your body and retain lean body mass as you lose weight. This makes it a unique nutritional ingredient for weight management programmes. ESSENTIAL BALANCE VANILLA SHAKE CodE: 2221 ESSENTIAL BALANCE STRAWBERRY SHAKE CodE: 2222 Shape your future Nikken Essential Balance ™ It is no secret that most of us are dissatisfied with our body shape. Whether your aim is to lose weight, build muscle, firm or tone, it seems there is always room for improvement. Weight loss can seem like a long and difficult process, but it does not have to be complicated. At Nikken, we understand the need for a balanced, healthy and nutritional approach to weight loss. The result… Nikken Essential Balance ™ – a combination of advanced science and natural solutions to provide a complete system for weight management! Our unique programme has been meticulously researched to provide a balanced approach to weight loss. " To everyone who wants to lose weight I can only recommend starting o  with Essential Balance in order to quickly get a positive and successful start. Naturally, I would also suggest they change their diet, take barley grass and Lactoferrin, drink PiMag ® water and enjoy a good portion of exercise! With Essential Balance I went down in weight with great success, as you can see, and I am able to keep up my goal weight without di  culty." Elke Brockmann – Germany

41 STEP 1 – CLEANSE Essential Balance Detox Essential Balance detox is the fi rst step in our weight management programme. It is a vitamin B2 food supplement containing fi bre, carotene and plant extracts. It provides herbal cleansing, with no harsh chemicals. Take two capsules of Nikken Essential Balance ™ Detox before bedtime for one week when starting the Essential Balance Weight Management Programme, and use as needed thereafter. ESSENTIAL BALANCE dEToX CodE: 2223 STEP 2 – IGNITE Essential Balance Ignite ® Essential Balance Ignite ® is a vitamin B6 food supplement that contains green tea extract, amino acids and caffeine that can help your metabolism obtain the best from your diet. Take one capsule with PiMag ® water 30 minutes before breakfast and lunch. ESSENTIAL BALANCE IGNITE ® CodE: 2225 STEP 3 – ENERGISE Essential Balance Booster ™ Essential Balance Booster ™ is designed to help keep vitality levels high. It is a citrus- fl avoured powdered food supplement that dissolves in water and contains no added sugar. Essential Balance Booster ™ contains green tea extract and minerals, which can help to promote alertness and increase vitality. Add the contents of one sachet to 150 ml of PiMag ® water, and do not exceed more than one sachet per day. ESSENTIAL BALANCE BooSTER ™ CodE: 2224 THE WEIGHT MANAGEMENT PROGRAMME Essential Balance Starter Pack For a balanced, healthy and nutritional approach to weight loss, try the Essential Balance Starter Pack. It contains one box of Vanilla Shake, one box of Strawberry Shake, one pack of detox, two boxes of Booster ™ , one pack of Ignite ® , one Essential Balance booklet, one dVd and one Shaker. ESSENTIAL BALANCE STARTER PACK CodE: 2228 ESSENTIAL BALANCE – 3 STEP PROGRAMME Three- part programme to manage your weight Feel more energetic as you lose weight Natural, herbal ingredients • • • LIFESTYLE SOLUTIONS The Essential Balance Starter Pack and the Essential Balance Detox, Ignite ® and Booster ™ products are only available while stocks last. Please note that Essential Balance is not available in Ireland, Portugal or Romania