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1 TriPhase ® Bracelets Fashionable and elegant Hi- tech Restores balance and supports wellbeing We have added two beautiful new bracelets to our Jewellery line – the Interlaced Two Tone Bracelet and the Crossover Titanium Bracelet. We also have the stylish, colour- braided Stainless Steel Bracelet and the Titanium Link Bracelet. This revolutionary series of fashionable, elegant, yet hi- tech bracelets combine three renowned technologies to replicate the natural, magnetic fi eld of the earth. Designed to deliver a powerful combination of TriPhase ® technology in an advanced design, the four products in the range help to restore balance and support wellbeing through 1,500- gauss strength magnets, Far- Infrared therapy and Negative Ions. INTERLACEd TWo ToNE BRACELET CodE: 19085 CRoSSoVER TITANIUM BRACELET CodE: 19086 BRAIdEd STAINLESS STEEL BRACELET CodE: 19091 TITANIUM LINK BRACELET CodE: 19094 • • • EXQUISITE DESIGNS; INNOVATIVE TECHNOLOGIES TriPhase ® Technology We use a combination of three advanced innovations, known as TriPhase ® Technology in our TriPhase ® jewellery line. This incorporates advanced Magnetic, Negative- Ion and Far- Infrared technologies. Negative ions replicate the calming, negative- ion rich environment found in forest air and near waterfalls while Far- Infrared Technology absorbs and releases it in the far- infrared range, to provide a gentle warming effect. Swirl Bracelets The beautiful Napoli Swirl Bracelet is crafted in a gold tone with a silver swirl pattern, while the Venetia Swirl Bracelet is silver toned with a black swirl pattern. They are a lovely complement to our pendants with the same TriPhase ® technology. NAPoLI SWIRL BRACELET CodE: 1990 VENETIA SWIRL BRACELET CodE: 1994 Titanium Link Bracelet Interlaced Two Tone Bracelet Crossover Titanium Bracelet Braided Stainless Steel Bracelet Pendants our Pendant line has three exquisite designs to suit all tastes. If gold is your colour, you can choose from the stylish Milano Quilted Heart Pendant, a gold tone heart with a plaid design, or the classic Verona Cross Heart Pendant, a gold tone heart with a Celtic cross design. Or perhaps you would prefer the elegant Firenze Serpentine Pendant, a platinum tone rectangle with a black swirl design. Incorporating wellness enhancing TriPhase ® technology. MILANo QUILTEd HEART PENdANT CodE: 1991 VERoNA CRoSS HEART PENdANT CodE: 1993 FIRENZE SERPENTINE PENdANT CodE: 1995 Milano Quilted Heart Pendant Verona Cross Heart Pendant Firenze Serpentine Pendant Napoli Swirl Bracelet Venetia Swirl Bracelet 1,200- gauss strength magnets Negative Ion Technology Far- Infrared Technology PERFORMANCE AND RECOVERY SOLUTIONS The Nikken Jewellery line is constantly evolving with the latest fashions so you can be sure to see new products during the course of the year.

2 BE GOOD TO YOUR BODY – THE NATURAL WAY WHOLEFOODS AND PURE INGREDIENTS FOR EVERYDAY NUTRITION NATURAL, BOTANICAL SKINCARE RANGE UNIQUE WEIGHT MANAGEMENT SYSTEM Due to modern intensive farming and food processing methods our bodies may not be getting the nutrients we need from the foods we eat. Nutritional supplements can fi ll the gap. However, there are many poor quality supplements on the market. At Nikken, we source only the fi nest ingredients to help you get all the nutrients you need for an active life. And, we take nutrition a step further – to skincare. Our botanical skincare range uses naturally sourced ingredients and complements the full range of Nikken wellness products. Our unique weight management system addresses the need for a balanced, healthy and nutritional approach to weight loss. The key ingredient in our weight loss programme is Prolibra ™ , which is clinically proven to reduce fat in the body and maintain lean body mass when used as part of a calorie controlled programme that includes exercise. • •