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28 Wear your way to more energy Nikken Far- Infrared Technology Far- Infrared Technology is a completely different approach to keeping warm or cool. When you are cold, your body expends energy to warm itself. Ordinary materials merely dissipate the energy, but products with Far- Infrared Technology contain ceramic- reflective fibres that absorb energy, transform it into gentle warmth, and reflect it back to you. Only Nikken Far- Infrared Technology offers a natural source of warmth, from all- natural far- infrared waves that can keep you comfortable wherever you are. AN ENERGISING WARDROBE STAPLE Nikken Belt With energising Magnetic Technology Fine black leather Seven 1,000- gauss strength magnets A belt is a wardrobe staple, so it is a great product to use to introduce wellness into your life! The Nikken Belt incorporates Nikken's energising Magnetic Technology, and features seven specially designed and strategically placed, 1,000- gauss strength magnets. Made out of fi ne black leather, its buckle conveniently adjusts to fi t. NIKKEN BELT LARGE ( 118 CM) CodE: 1489 • • • ESSENTIAL WEAR FOR ATHLETES ThermoWear Sports Socks Far- Infrared fi bres for breathability and natural warmth Cotton material with reinforced heel and toe Anti- fungal When competing at your favourite sport, the last problem you need is overheating feet. We have applied Nikken thinking – and technology – to this age- old problem. ThermoWear Sports Socks contain anti- fungal, Far- Infrared fi bres for exceptional breathability and natural warmth, and a tightly woven cotton material, with reinforced heel and toe for durability and comfort. THERMoWEAR SPoRTS SoCKS ( oNE SIZE) CodE: 1763 • • • PUT A SWING IN YOUR STEP ThermoWear Golf Socks Far- Infrared fi bres for breathability and natural warmth Special copper fi bres prevent static cling Anti- fungal Put a swing in your step with our specially designed ThermoWear Golf Socks. They feature temperature- balancing, anti- fungal, Far- Infrared fi bres so that feet can breathe and remain dry. Special copper fi bres prevent static cling and a high quality cotton blend provides comfort and durability. THERMoWEAR GoLF SoCKS ( oNE SIZE) CodE: 1761 • • • FRESH COMFORT ALL DAY LONG ThermoWear Men's Dress Socks ThermoWear Women's Trouser Socks Fresh, dry feeling all day long Copper fi bres prevent static- cling Far- Infrared technology for exceptional breathability Traditional socks often trap heat and cause perspiration, but we have come up with a fresh and innovative solution to this common problem. ThermoWear Men's Dress Socks and Women's Trouser Socks combine technology and style to give a fresh, dry feeling all day long. Copper fi bres prevent static- cling while Far- Infrared Technology gives exceptional breathability. Available in black. THERMoWEAR MEN'S dRESS SoCKS MEdIUM ( MEN'S SIZE 6.5- 11 UK / 40- 46 EU) CodE: 1716 LARGE ( MEN'S SIZE 12- 17 UK / 47- 53 EU) CodE: 1721 THERMoWEAR WoMEN'S TRoUSER SoCKS ( oNE SIZE) CodE: 1764 • • •

29 Get wrapped up KenkoTherm ® Infrared Support Wraps Far- Infrared Technology insulates minor stresses and discomfort Retained warmth relaxes muscle tissue to avoid strains Comfortable knit blend maintains a full range of movement • • • PROTECT YOUR ANKLES KenkoTherm ® Ankle Wrap Aside from the neck, the ankle twists, turns and stretches more than any other part of the body, under the entire weight of the body itself! our supportive and fl exible Ankle Wrap relaxes muscle tissue and contains soothing technology to heat and insulate minor stresses and discomfort. SUPPORT YOUR BACK KenkoTherm ® Back Belt The back undergoes more stress and pressure than any other bone group in the human body. our Back Belt helps to comfort, warm and relax tired, stressed backs, and provides extra insulation with Nikken Far- Infrared Technology. EASE YOUR ELBOW KenkoTherm ® Elbow Wrap Elbow stresses and strains can fi nd improved support with the Elbow Wrap. It slips comfortably over the entire elbow for ease of use, and natural insulation helps to warm and comfort minor aches, and relax muscle tissue. HELP YOUR KNEES KenkoTherm ® Knee Wrap our knees constantly support our bodyweight through the stresses of daily life. our Knee Wrap helps to support the joint and soothe minor discomfort to keep you fl exible and active. The retained warmth of the wrap relaxes muscle tissue to avoid strains. WRAP YOUR WRIST KenkoTherm ® Wrist Wrap Help support your delicate wrist joints with our specially designed Wrist Wrap. It helps to retain natural warmth to relax muscles and tendons and soothe minor discomfort, while maintaining a full range of movement. SOOTHE TIRED NECKS Elastomag ® Neck Wrap Flexible and stretchable with advanced EQL Magnetic Technology, this comfortable, easy- to- use Elastomag ® Neck Wrap soothes and relaxes tired necks and shoulders. With an evenly distributed magnetic fi eld across the entire wrap, it contains Far- Infrared technology for breathable, balanced warmth and comfort. For codes and sizing charts, please see page 46. Thermographic imaging shows how KenkoTherm ® Wraps surround areas with gentle warmth as well as support. PERFORMANCE AND RECOVERY SOLUTIONS