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2 MAGNETIC ENERGY IN THE PALM OF YOUR HAND Biaxial PowerMag ™ Gentle vibration and massage effect Three- dimensional magnetic fi eld Compact, convenient size Help is at hand for those tired aches and pains, with the gentle vibration and massage action of the Biaxial PowerMag ™ . The 1,800- gauss strength Biaxial PowerMag ™ takes Biaxial Magnetic Rotation to a new level. Power and speed controls are placed within easy reach, while its electronics and mechanical components maximise effi ciency, and a design feature that places the active component as close as possible to the surface optimises fi eld strength. The Biaxial PowerMag ™ conserves electric power to extend battery life. It can be operated with four AA batteries ( not included) or by using an AC adapter ( included). BIAXIAL PoWERMAG ™ UK/ IRL CodE: 1357 PRT/ RoM CodE: 1356 • • • RELAX AND INVIGORATE AT THE SAME TIME Biaxial Body Energiser ™ Release tension through your feet Three- dimensional magnetic fi eld Gentle vibration and massage effect A new dimension in magnetic technology, take a seat and place your feet on the textured surface for a unique massage experience. The gentle vibration and massage begin to create a sense of comfort and relaxation almost immediately. Soon, you will feel not only relaxed, but also energised, even at the end of a long day. The Biaxial Body Energiser ™ features six variable- speed revolving magnetic spheres that generate a three- dimensional, 1,800- gauss strength magnetic fi eld to release tension through your feet. A plug- in AC adapter is also included. BIAXIAL BodY ENERGISER ™ UK/ IRL CodE: 13212 PRT/ RoM CodE: 13213 • • • Thermographic photography – compare the image ( above left), produced before use of the Biaxial Body Energiser ™ , with the image ( above right) after 30 minutes' use. The diff erence is dramatic. Warmer temperature is represented by bright colours and colder temperature is represented by darker colours. PERFORMANCE AND RECOVERY SOLUTIONS " Magnetic Biaxial Rotation is the next level – a dimension that has never been seen and is not available from anyone but Nikken." Dave Balzer, Technical Consultant – Nikken US

26 WELLNESS WHILE YOU SIT KenkoSeat ® Plus Rubberthane core for breathability, ventilation and massage Added comfort of Far- Infrared Technology Feel relaxed and invigorated Today we spend more time sitting down than ever before, and at Nikken, we believe a seat should not just help you relax, it should also invigorate you. The KenkoSeat ® Plus is a direct result of this unique philosophy. Featuring the same Rubberthane core that gives the Kenkopad ® its exceptional qualities of breathability and ventilation, as an added benefi t, engineers infused ceramic-refl ective material to the seat for the added comfort of Far- Infrared Technology. Far- Infrared technology absorbs the energy your body loses and refl ects it back to you. Designed with specially placed magnets and covered in 100 per cent pure wool, the KenkoSeat ® Plus is ideal for the home, offi ce or car and comfortable in all seasons. KENKoSEAT ® PLUS ( STANdARd) 43 X 84 CM CodE: 1408 • • • Targeted magnetic technology Far- Infrared Technology – absorbs the energy your body loses and refl ects it back to you. 1 2 3 45 Kenko Pads For exactly where you need it Equilateral Magnetic Technology Far- Infrared Technology Relaxation and stress- reducing technology for exactly where you need it most. Features Equilateral ( EQL) Magnetic and Far- Infrared technology. The Kenko Flex is particularly favoured for use on the back. We have introduced the new Nikken PetPad using the same Far- Infrared and Advanced Magnetic technology to help you keep the other important member of your household in peak condition. Available in a variety of dimensions: 1. KENKo MINI CodE: 1427 2. KENKo MAX CodE: 1477 3. KENKo FLEX CodE: 1447 4. KENKo SUPER MINI CodE: 1421 5. MAGBoY ® CodE: 1320 • • •