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21 ENHANCE YOUR SLEEP Kenko Sleep Mask Enjoy deep sleep at any time Targeted magnetic technology relaxes and energises Far- Infrared technology provides balanced temperature control If you have trouble sleeping, your eyes are often the first place to show it. Our pioneering ' beauty secret' is designed to help you enjoy deep sleep at any time – day or night. An important part of the Nikken Sleep System, the Kenko Sleep Mask effectively blocks out light and is ideal for a quick catnap or a deep restful night's sleep – even when the sun comes up! No ordinary mask, the Kenko Sleep Mask contains a single, flexible magnet for targeted magnetic energy where you need it most. This Sleep Mask can relax and energise you, and also provide continuous balanced temperature and enhanced comfort through Far- Infrared technology. KENKO SLEEP MASK Code: 1682 • • • THE ULTIMATE PILLOW KenkoDream ® Pillow Features dimpled massaging Rubberthane Viscoelastic ' memory' foam provides the ultimate in comfort Special air passages ensure maximum ventilation Sleep can be difficult without proper support for your head and neck, but the KenkoDream ® Pillow solves this problem. Lay your head back and discover how a pillow should really feel! The KenkoDream ® Pillow fits snugly under your neck and head, and features dimpled massaging Rubberthane and viscoelastic ' memory foam' for the ultimate in comfort. Magnets are strategically placed for a relaxing and natural sleep experience. Sleep is made a comfortable delight through advanced ventilation and cooling. The breathable cover and ceramic tiles deep within the pillow balance heat, while special air passages in each layer ensure maximum ventilation. These advanced technologies result in an exclusively Nikken way to relax and enjoy restful sleep. KENKODREAM ® PILLOW Code: 13006 • • • 750- gauss strength magnets Massaging surface Ceramic tiles distribute heat evenly Viscoelastic ' memory' foam Air passages provide ventilation Foam core for comfortable support PERFORMANCE AND RECOVERY SOLUTIONS

22 The wonders of magnets Our bodies are magnificent creations, designed to heal themselves whenever possible. Magnets have been used since ancient times to help this process along. Our ' natural' environment is rich in magnetic fields, oxygen and water. The very nature of ' life' is ' electro- magnetically' charged. Because we spend so much time indoors, we insulate ourselves from the natural magnetic field our bodies need to function at their optimum potential and our health suffers. We need five essentials for a healthy life – oxygen, water, food, exercise and magnetic fields. Including the use of quality magnet therapy is one of the best ways we can enhance our general wellbeing. So, introduce magnets into your daily life and feel the difference. Walk your way to wellness When your feet hurt, your whole body knows it. With Nikken Insoles, you can be relaxed and comfortable even when you are on your feet all day. Nikken KenkoInsoles ® and KenkoStrides ® have brought comfort to millions of people. But this technology is actually based on a time- honoured wellness practice. The Japanese discovered that placing pebbles on the floor of their traditional hot baths imparted a feeling of energy and relaxation to its users. Thus, the Nikken founder came up with a brilliant idea – if people feel better after walking on pebbles, why not create a way to experience this effect all day long? He combined a textured surface with magnetic technology, and Magsteps ® ( later KenkoInsoles ® ) were born. KenkoInsoles ® have since found their way into shoes all around the world. FroM SoLeS, To STriDeS The success of KenkoInsoles ® led to the introduction of KenkoStrides ® . Both these products derive from a unique philosophy to merge traditional wellness techniques with modern technology. This has resulted in a world- leading magnetic design that supports active lifestyles.