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19 SLEEP TECHNOLOGY AT ITS BEST KenkoDream ® Deluxe Mattress Strategically placed magnets for a more restful, invigorating sleep Rubberthane nodules massage you as you sleep Ideal for those who prefer a fi rmer mattress discover how relaxing sleep can be with the Kenkodream ® deluxe mattress. It features all the outstanding benefi ts of the KenkoComfort ™ deluxe, but gives you a second choice of the outstanding, energising Nikken mattresses to suit your preference. The KenkoDream ® Deluxe is ideal for those who prefer a fi rmer mattress. Its multiple layers include a breathable cotton top cover, strategically placed 750- gauss strength magnets, Rubberthane, and a layer to add extra fi rmness. For codes and sizing charts, please see page 46. • • • The KenkoComfort ™ Deluxe and KenkoDream ® Deluxe were developed by experienced designer, Mr. Masayuki Takeuchi, who, even after a rigorous development process, insists that each fi nished item is quality- checked twice such is his obsession with perfection. Rubberthane layer with an extra fi rm massaging eff ect 0- gauss strength magnets Viscoelastic ' memory' foam High resilience foam base High resilience core for rigid support Breathable cover PERFORMANCE AND RECOVERY SOLUTIONS

20 WRAP YOURSELF IN POSITIVE ENERGY KenkoDream ® Quilt Far- Infrared technology provides balanced temperature control Negative ions have a soothing effect With Chitosan, a natural antibacterial agent for increased hygiene Enjoy the soothing effect of advanced Nikken technologies whilst you sleep in the fi ve- layer Kenkodream ® Quilt. This component of the Sleep System features Ionic Comfort Technology, an idea based on the negative ions found in soothing outdoor settings such as mountain forests and waterfalls. • • • The KenkoDream ® Quilt releases negative ions, while magnets envelop you in an energising magnetic fi eld. Far- Infrared technology provides balanced temperature control and all- night comfort. The KenkoDream ® Quilt contains Chitosan, a natural antibacterial agent for improved hygiene, and is available in fi ve convenient sizes. KENKodREAM ® QUILT 135 X 200 CM CodE: 1270 KENKodREAM ® QUILT 160 X 210 CM CodE: 1271 KENKodREAM ® QUILT 200 X 200 CM CodE: 1272 KENKodREAM ® QUILT 220 X 225 CM CodE: 1273 KENKodREAM ® QUILT 155 X 220 CM CodE: 1278 REVAMP YOUR MATTRESS Kenkopad ® Transform your mattress into a wonderful sleep environment Rubberthane nodules and Magnetic Technology Small portable form The Nikken Sleep System is the most revolutionary idea in sleep technology, and with the Kenkopad ® you can quickly transform your conventional mattress into a wonderful sleep environment conducive to restful sleep. • • • Simply place the Kenkopad ® on top of your mattress and enjoy the world- renowned Nikken sleep experience! Magnetic Technology and Rubberthane offer unsurpassed relaxation, for quality sleep in a small portable form. The soft, durable woven fabric covering makes this product a welcome home comfort – wherever you are! For codes and sizing charts, please see page 46 " I have been using the KenkoDream ® Pillow, the Kenkopad ® and the KenkoDream ® Quilt for just under a year. It's a real pleasure to go to bed, as my nights are so peaceful. Sometimes I work nights ( I'm a care worker) and I end up going to bed at 4am. As everyone knows, sleeping during the day is never as restful as the sleep you have at night. However, even with just four hours' sleep I wake up relaxed, rested and only need to stretch very briefl y." Christophe Blin – France