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www. nikkensleep. eu 17 Studies show that we spend about one third of our lives in bed, but many people pass the night tossing and turning, disrupting the eight hours of rest we should ideally get. This has an impact on the other 16 hours in your day, and on your overall health. Could your bed be the culprit? Few things can make you feel better than a good night's sleep, and few things have as powerful an influence on our lives and our health. Medical science has proven that sleep recharges your brain. It is essential in functions related to learning and memory, and helps to sustain muscular coordination and a healthy immune system. Nikken has developed a sleep solution that can help you rest easy: the Nikken Sleep System. NIKKEN ADVANCED SLEEP TECHNOLOGY The Nikken Sleep System is a unique range of complementary products that are the result of years of extensive research by medical professionals, engineers and scientists. This complete sleep solution is comprised of three core elements – a mattress, quilt and pillow. Each element functions excellently in its own right, but they combine to give you the most advanced technology on the market today for better sleep. As well as a restful night's sleep, you will awake feeling refreshed, energised and with renewed vigour and vitality. NIKKEN SLEEP TECHNOLOGY GUIDE Magnetic technology – a grid of magnets creates a cocoon that replicates the earth's natural magnetic field. Throughout history, before modern civilisation interfered with nature, human beings have slept within this field. Magnetism can help you to overcome the challenges of modern life, such as stress, discomfort and low energy levels. Far- Infrared Technology – absorbs the energy your body loses when you are cold and reflects it back so you warm up more quickly than with conventional materials. Far- Infrared technology disperses heat evenly, and continually balances your body temperature for increased comfort. Rubberthane Technology – a layer of Rubberthane nodules act as tiny fingers to gently massage you and help release tension while you sleep. Rubberthane also improves ventilation and disperses perspiration. Viscoelastic foam – our remarkable multi- layer mattress and pillow incorporate viscoelastic ' memory' foam, a high- tech material developed by NASA that absorbs body heat and gently moulds itself around your body shape for optimum support. It also helps to minimise pressure points regardless of your size or body weight. Ionic Comfort Technology – releases negative ions to recreate the refreshing feeling you get when walking through the high concentration of negative ions in a mountain forest or near a waterfall. Negative ions in sleep products can help to promote a restful and refreshing sleep. Pressure points detected on a conventional firm mattress. Comfortable, consistent support with Nikken Sleep Systems. PERFORMANCE AND RECOVERY SOLUTIONS " I'm enjoying three fantastic effects of the Sleep System: being completely rested in the mornings, improved ability to fall asleep, and to sleep through the night in optimum temperature regulation." Judith Polke – Austria

18 Sleep your way to better health Quilted layer with antibacterial and anti- dust mite properties Treated tips for an all over massaging experience 1,000- gauss strength magnets Rubberthane layer for breathable design and massage Viscoelastic ' memory' foam High resilience foam for a cushioned yet supportive base High resilience foam for balanced support A REVOLUTION IN SLEEP TECHNOLOGY KenkoComfort ™ Deluxe Mattress Multiple foam layers adapt to your body shape Rubberthane nodules massage you as you sleep Strategically placed magnets for a more restful, invigorating sleep The art of good mattress design is fi nding the right balance between a need for comfort and a need for support. Look no further than the KenkoComfort ™ deluxe, designed with subtle innovations to enhance levels of body support, weight distribution and comfort. The KenkoComfort ™ Deluxe Mattress is carefully refi ned and specially constructed to help properly align your spine. Multiple foam layers provide even weight distribution and adapt to your body shape every time you move to reduce the likelihood of aches and pains. Treated Nikken Rubberthane nodules massage you as you sleep, and 1,000- gauss strength magnets are strategically placed to give you a more restful, invigorating sleep. The mattress also has a luxurious quilted cover with Sanitized ® antibacterial and anti- dust mite protection. For codes and sizing charts, please see page 46. • • • " Since I have been sleeping in the Nikken Sleep System, I have become another person. I sleep deeply and wake up refreshed in the morning. I feel fi t all day and have no energy lows." Lilo Fegg- Czermin - Germany Nikken supports chiropractic research in Europe