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13 OPTIMISE YOUR DRINKING WATER PiMag ® Optimiser Oxygenates and ionises your PiMag ® water Allows your body to absorb water more quickly Contains no chemicals Designed to recreate natural, pure drinking water, the PiMag ® Optimiser swirls water through its energising magnetic field and specially designed Pi- Ring, filled with PiMag ® minerals. This oxygenates and ionises your PiMag ® water, which allows your body to absorb water more quickly, without the use of chemicals, additives or carbonation. The PiMag ® Optimiser features a digital display panel with a countdown timer, and a two- litre jug with a closable spout. PIMAG ® OPTIMISER UK/ irl CODE: 1308 PRT/ ROM CODE: 1309 PIMAG ® OPTIMISER PI- RING CODE: 1307 PIMAG ® OPTIMISER JUG CODE: 1305 • • • ENJOY FRESH, ENERGISED DRINKING WATER PiMag ® Maxi Conforms to your body's structure for optimum hydration Unique, multi- stage filtration Gold Seal of Approval from the Water Quality Association Would you like to drink living water? The PiMag ® Maxi uses an ingenious gravity- flow system and unique, multi- stage filtration that includes Pi ceramics and a bed of mineral stones similar to those found in streams and rivers. Magnetic and PiMag ® Water Technologies combine to give you fresh, energised drinking water in an easy- to- use system that has a generous ten- litre capacity. The PiMag ® Maxi has the coveted Gold Seal of Approval from the Water Quality Association. This accreditation is given to water treatment systems that meet their rigorous standards for performance, capacity and integrity in removing a variety of drinking water contaminants. PIMAG ® MAXI Code: 1360 PIMAG ® MAXI FILTER CARTRIDGE Code: 1361 PIMAG ® MAXI CERAMIC PRE- FILTER Code: 1364 PIMAG ® MAXI MINERAL STONES Code: 1386 • • • ENVIRONMENTAL SOLUTIONS Please note that the PiMag Maxi ® is not available in Romania

14 RESTORE DEPLETED ENERGY LEVELS, FEEL REVITALISED Good quality Rest and Relaxation is crucial to wellness for you and your loved ones. Sleep aff ects our wellbeing more than any other factor, but studies show that we spend 20 per cent less time sleeping today than we did a century ago. Combined with our increasingly hectic lives, this is taking a serious toll on our health. One of the most advanced sleep solutions on the market, the Nikken Sleep System has redefi ned the science of sleep to give you more restful sleep, naturally. Our stress- busting relaxation products utilise advanced Magnetic Technology to invigorate and energise you. Renowned for introducing breakthrough technologies to the wellness industry, Nikken products can help you achieve optimum rest and relaxation.