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False ME234 be] I don’t want the Maxwell Smart character to be perceived of as sort of a bumbling idiot. He’s not an Inspector Clousseau. He’s proficient and he can take care of himself. He’s sort of gets the job done counter- intuitively but he gets the job done. In the original series he could fight and he wasn’t an idiot but he was certainly eccentric and he was a very much by the book, straight-laced sort of guy and that’s more of the tact that I’m taking. That’s the approach that I think will set it apart from being a spy spoof.” Hathaway follows in the footsteps of Barbara Feldon. “ They are very big shoes to fill,” she admitted. “ I haven’t met her. We were lucky enough to have Don Adams’ wife, daughter and granddaughter on set. His daughter said that she had talked to Miss Feldon and that she approved of my casting and was actually very happy with it and that made me feel very good. So I feel like I have the blessing of the icon and that’s part of the battle.” The movie gives Agent 99 all sorts of new costumes and wardrobe changes throughout the adventure. Just check out all the different pictures of Hathaway in different outfits. “ We have many costume changes, some logical, some not, which is one of the fun things about making a big old action movie,” she said. “ All my costumes have a nod to the ‘ 60s while at the same time everything’s contemporary. We just assume that 99 has backpacks dropped all over Russia for her so that’s why she can pull couture out of a hat when in the scene before she didn’t have any. So it’s stealthy. We figure she has things stapled to the bottoms of tables and goes to pick them up. That’s our back story. You can come up with your own. That’s the fun of movie- making.” The wardrobe is more familiar to Carell. He’s played a guy in a suit from the news anchors to corporate bosses, and now a secret agent. “ Well, first of all I sleep in a suit,” he joked. “ That’s just me personally. I have 80- 90 suits in my closet and that’s all I wear. I don’t know. Because I went from The Daily Show where I was a fake news guy on a fake news show to Bruce Almighty where I played a news guy to Anchorman where I played a news guy, now I tend to gravitate towards suits. Apparently people just want to see me in a suit, because clearly they don’t want to see me in the nude so probably a suit is the best bet.” Even though it is her first action movie, Get Smart has some familiarity for Hathaway too. Though she’s never waited for stuntmen to rig up wires before, all movie making has its delays. “ I’ve been on period films where lighting’s taken eight hours so that’s just the magic of movie- making,” said Hathaway. “ It’s nice that there’s a lot of safety measures involved and realize that when you’re on set everything goes wrong and people throw things when they’re not supposed to throw things. Fire goes off at the wrong moment. It’s just funny to realize the illusion of safety. We have great people working with us and they would never let any harm come to us.”

False ME235