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False ME220 TOP ARTISTS I first discovered Brett playing keys at a Buchanan show in Los Angeles. As a player he’s one to add perfect parts, elevating the performance of whomever heís playing for without drawing any attention away. He’s done this for the likes of Rocco De Luca, Molly Jensen, and Deccatree to name few. Finding his solo music though is like finding enough cash in a favorite pair of jeans to buy a new, better pair of favorite jeans. His album CITY LIGHTS is a singer songwriter album that will actually keep you captivated from top to bottom. Perfectly produced ( Chris Karn), CITY LIGHTS covers a Buckley- esque journey with lyrics that will make you feel deeply without emoting all over your stereo. The title track is a perfect example of this. Uncommon chord progressions, an intricate melody, and lyrics with actual depth, all somehow blend together to create a beautiful whole that sits perfectly in the moment. Brett is what music should be: Honest without being self indulgent, beautiful but not overstated, complex without being pretentious. Basically, this is some of the best music Iíve heard in a long time. Brett Bixby by TJ Stafford

False ME221 TOP ARTISTS Argentina is best known in the music world for its beautiful tango, yet at the hands of this multi talented artist, Fer Isella, tango only seems to be one of the many colors in his pallet. A Fulbright Scholarship recipient and a Berklee College of Music graduate, Isella proves to be more than your average musician by taking his talents as a pianist/ composer/ producer and creating art that pushes the limits. As a renowned producer in his own right, Isella is no stranger to success, yet in his own work Isella breaks away from the conventional and ventures into the deep and sacred realms of jazz and folklore. To call his music experimental is quite the understatement; this, however, does not mean it can’t be enjoyed by the less adventurous, since Isella never looses his focus on melody and taste. On his most recent production, Doña Furia Gaucha, released under Isella’s own independent label ( Limbo Music), Fer Isella anchors his compositions around an equally amazing group of musicians christened the “ Makanudos”. At a moment’s notice, songs that play out like a beautiful serenade will surprise you with strength and drama. The enchanting song “ Turn Over” is a prime example of how Isella blends Argentinean folklore and jazz with a seamless beauty that captivates the senses and keeps you wanting more. These are songs that can grace any major motion picture soundtrack or the halls of Radio City Music Hall. A gem for any music zealot, Fer Isella’s music is much more than meets the ears. Fer Isella by TJ Stafford