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False ME216 TODAY AND TOMORROW T3TALENTSbrought to you by Jason Nevins

False ME217 sometimes it can take up to a week or longer. It really depends on inspiration. Many of the hit mixes I’ve done have been project ideas that I’ve taken to the labels. When I hear a song or see a video and feel that I can add my touch to it, I might reach out to the label. But most of the time I get the call to work on a specific projects. You seem to use guitars on almost every remix… that’s not very common in the dance world. How did that come about? I didn’t invent putting rock guitars in dance music but I was definitely one of the pioneers. Unfortunately, I don’t think I ever got any recognition for it. There are a few others that have really embraced it, and some are known for it. It does bother me that I have made a few large contributions to the dance world without seemingly being recognized for them. I will say, that I was most notably recognized for bringing back the retro 80’ s hip house vibe with the success of the Run DMC collaboration, though. How does that compare to creating an original record of your own? Creating an original record is quite a bit harder in my opinion. You can really look at it two ways. From one standpoint, it’s easier because you don’t have anyone telling you what they want. It’s a blank canvas and you can create your own vision. On the other hand, when doing an original, its harder to create something from nothing, since there are no guidelines. I guess I love the challenges of both. Have you met any of the artists with whom you have worked? I’ve been very fortunate to meet a bunch of the artists that I’ve admired and listened to for many years. Artists like Janet Jackson, Duran Duran, Run- DMC, and Cypress Hill. The real thrill is not only meeting them but hearing how they recognize and appreciate what I’ve brought to the table— that’s really the cool part. As a teen in the 80’ s, you could say that I was definitely affected by the music of that era. I think a lot of my sound comes from so many influences stemming from classic MTV. The following article is from an interview between TuneJar founder, Sean Holt and award- winning music producer, Jason Nevins. You’ve been credited with selling millions of records and working on projects with numerous major artists. You’ve had your music featured in film, TV, movie trailers and video games. What exactly do you do? Funny question. I do everything but sing. I write, produce and remix. Many people think I DJ, but I don’t. DJ- ing is something that I’m actually getting back into now because it is great exposure and can yield quite a bit of money. I started out in the music business DJ- ing in clubs 15 years ago but only did it for a short time. The moment I got into production, that’s all I did. I feel most creative and inspired in the studio. Many of my huge production successes have been remixes. But I’ve had a few of my own records like “ I’m In Heaven” featuring Holly James and “ Touch Me Like That” featuring Dannii Minogue, that I’ve written and produced that have become International pop records. What’s been your biggest seller so far? I’d have to say the “ Its Like That” Run DMC vs. Jason Nevins record which sold nearly 5 million copies worldwide and was the # 1 pop record in over 30 countries. That record came out in ’ 98 and I had a great run with it. I did so many TV shows and concerts at that time, traveling all over the globe. The biggest markets for it were the UK and Germany, though it really started to explode in Italy. At that time, as a newly signed artist to Sony Germany, I think I traveled there more than anywhere else. What happens when you receive a track to remix… what’s the process? When it comes to remixes, I start with the drums and get a groove going. Then I start layering the guitars, synths and bass. The rest just falls into place as the music builds. Sometimes a remix can be done in a day or two and