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False ME26 Flashback: Comments from the past MeMe2 had a great “ Double Feature” on Ridley Scott! The behind the scenes photography was truly amazing. And American Gangster was all that much more enjoyable. — Chris, Texas I just broke up with my boyfriend and I appreciated your article on the “ Breakup Doldrums”. I took some of the advice and am slowly recovering. Thanx! — Tiffany, Virginia Loved the Designer Spotlights in the Mar/ Apr issue! Anna Judyta Marszal had some beautiful pieces with an exotic touch... — Lenni, New York I had never heard of Israel Houghton before, but, after reading his article and seeing him on the Grammy’s, it was so cool! — Desire, MD MeMe2 has the best get- fit tips! Please keep giving me that advice, I’m trying to get in shape for my wedding! — Natalie, Montreal, Canada

False I am not an expert on anything and I won’t claim to be one, so don’t expect any preach from me. I am sure that you know the different between wrong and right, black and white, anyway. Don’t let anyone fault you. Individual or in group we are all capable of being happy or sad. It is just a matter of looking deep in a mirror alone! The words of this issue’s “ My Opinion” are Revolution and Evolution. I strongly believe that we all need an Evolution— probably, every day! Who wakes up in the morning and looks the same as the day before? Some of us need constant evolution. But I am certainly sure that we don’t need a Revolution! Rod On, Jr CEO/ Publisher “ It is not because I speak with an accent that I think with one”. Please send me your comment via e- mail at rod. on@ meme2magazine. com. My Opinion This is not my life or my story but my opinion! Talking about changes, making some changes, it is first to recognize that we were doing something wrong. Lately we have heard, “ We want change!”, Change!= Revolution! Everywhere in America today you will hear those words. In fact, I bet you a buck ( remember that’s only 1!) that in the last two months the word money was less said than the word change even though our economy is in the middle of a depression. I think that we should all acknowledge our wrong doing and apologize for that prior to asking for any change. There is always a price to pay for any Revolution! Real apologies may be the way to go. Just recently, I sat down at a restaurant in Chinatown Los Angeles with some Korean business owners. For these brilliant and successful gentlemen there is no such thing as Change! but Adaptation!= Evolution! According to them, we should adapt or keep doing the same things until we force our brain to accept that wrong is right— eventually believing that what’s going on in our lives is our updated standard. In other words if you live in poverty you have to accept it as your standard and trying to challenge your situation is not an option. I disagree with this concept of Evolution. Challenging ourselves to try to do better than the day before will allow us to redefine ourselves to face new goals according to the changes in our environment. Evolution. Revolution and Evolution. What do those words mean for you? Maybe nothing in today’s world. When my editorial staff approached me to serve as a moderator of this new topic, “ My Opinion”, I thought that it was a big joke, until one of the managing editors called me to see if I had finished. Listen guys, not to say that I wasn’t flattered to be given a chance to write about anything including social issues, life, death, poverty, love and hope; but, who am I to give you my opinion? Does it matter? Probably not! You don’t see me on TV, you don’t know which neighborhood I live in, which car I am driving, and how much money I have in my bank account! I am a stranger for you and I may always be a stranger. Trust me, I won’t teach you how to catch a fish or even give a fish. I also won’t entertain you if that is what you are looking for. I strongly suggest that you turn your TV on to an episode of Oprah if you are looking for deep, hard emotion all ending in a big whoop of hope! This is real life “ my friends”! ME27