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False ME53 How would you describe your time management skills? a) Awesome. You are always on top of being on time and you are never late b) Great. You try not to take on too much daily and you are only late sometimes c) Okay. You eventually make things fall into place, even if you procrastinate a bit d) Not well. You are never on time and you are always behind deadlines Do you find yourself opening up to friends and family support when you are overwhelmed? a) Yes, I do open up to my family and I always confide in friends who support me b) Yes, I do have a few people who I turn to in time of need c) Not really, I have a few friends, but I don’t feel like they understand some issues in my life d) Not at all, I am a very introverted person and I never open up and discuss my feelings Would you consider your house clean? a) My house is spotless! b) I have a little bit of clutter, but it is relaxing c) I only clean unless someone is coming over to visit. d) I probably need a maid, and quite possibly a yard sale. I just feel uncomfortable with a clean house How organized do you believe you are? a) Very organized. Everything has its place b) Moderately organized. Sometimes things get displaced, but not often c) Not very organized. I find it hard to live in that type of environment d) Completely unorganized. I never have the time Do you encounter conflicts with other people often? a) Not really. I try to respect others and I leave space between myself and my views versus someone else’s b) Sometimes I get in a spat with someone in my life, but it always seems to smooth over c) I can come off too strong sometimes and cause arguments d) I rarely think about another persons feelings, which causes major conflict in my life How would you describe your money situation? a) Amazing! I have a wonderful job that pays well and I have great credit with a savings account b) Decent! I have enough money to get the things that I need, but I don’t save as much as I should c) I’m in survival mode! I don’t really have any savings, I am constantly paying bills, but I do manage to get by from week to week d) Definitely in the trouble zone! I don’t have any savings because I am in debt and I can barely get by with gas, groceries, and everyday necessities Do you have a positive outlook on your work/ school life? a) Yes, I do what I love! b) Somewhat, sometimes it can be a bother, but that is life! c) I only do it because it is what I know to get by. d) Not really, some days I wake up wishing I could live another life and do something besides what I am In one word, how would your friends describe you? a) Radiant b) Delightful c) Head strong d) Challenging Scoring: Mostly a’s: You are a strong individual with a well rounded life and a great support system of friends and loved ones. You always take pride in yourself and your life. You may experience some stress here and there, but overall you don’t let too many things get in the way of your positive attitude. Mostly b’s: Your life is definitely not perfectly stress free, but you manage. You have a great outlook on responsibility and measuring commitment levels. You enjoy what you do, but sometimes you have off days when you wish you could be handed different opportunities. Overall you are successful, but you do strive to be more organized and more passionate. Mostly c’s: You always have stress in your life no matter what the situation. You have a hard time opening up to some people about what bothers you. You also take on too many responsibilities sometimes which lead to stress and unwanted arguments. Sometimes you feel like you are not in control of your life. Stress is always lingering, whether it be bills, work, or general daily issues. Relax! Mostly d’s: You are under a stress alert!!! Take a step back and breathe and try to take time for yourself. You are the type of person who really lacks the ability to commit or have interest in work, family, friends, etc. When people describe you they think you are a complex and challenging person because you are always uptight and let little things in your life reflect and change your entire mood. You deserve happiness; perhaps a better rounded schedule with sleep, less caffeine, would do the trick.

False ME55