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False ME42 Cherish the Skin You’re In Editor of Life & Health Lindsey Bateman When is the last time that you pampered yourself? Maybe you had a hair- care day, a therapeutic massage, or even a mani- pedi session, but how long ago was it when you treated your skin to a spa facial? Have you thought of the benefits? A facial is a beauty treatment for your face. It is one of the best investments you can make for yourself. The ultimate goal of a facial is to bring back the glow of the face while rejuvenating, toning, and making the face serene and supple. The best facial is one that uses natural ingredients that include essential vitamins that the skin needs for protection and balance. The face is always presented to elements such as sun, poor home hygiene, or smoke. Facials offer you the opportunity to work with a professional skin care specialist who creates the perfect treatment based on a skin analysis and personal evaluation. But how do you find the expert that you are searching for? I am here to let you know that you are in good hands ( literally)!!! Lawrence Nurnberger is a Master Aesthetician licensed in Virginia. He received his clinical training at the prestigious Scott and White Memorial Hospital, Division of Plastic Surgery. His career spans over twelve years, in which he has been a pioneer in the Medical Spa industry. He has worked directly at Elan in Tysons Galleria of McLean, Virginia and has consulted for Radiance MedSpa in Old Town Alexandria, Virginia. But his expertise doesn’t stop there. Lawrence was recently awarded a Certificate of Special Recognition for participation in the Cancer Care Program at the Washington Cancer Institute and continuing education protocols for individuals undergoing chemo and radiation therapy. He currently performs specialty facials at Reflections Of You- Fairfax, a salon located in Fairfax, Virginia. Lawrence believes, “ Exfoliation creates a controlled injury to the skin in order to produce healthier cells at a faster rate, which overall evens out the skin color, leaving it vibrant.” He also says that his treatments reduce acne, treat fine lines, and help with aging. But most importantly, he adds, “ Treatments have a profound effect on the way a person feels. High levels of stress in our environment can account for 60 percent of adult acne cases.” So as you can see, Lawrence Nurnberger knows skin! He is a superb aesthetician who specializes in facials, chemical peels, epidermal leveling, microdermabrasion, and ultra sound treatments. Through words of Julie McBride, a client of Lawrence’s, “ He is worth the money. He is the best in class. Lawrence always makes you feel great about yourself. He is great at mirroring to each customer and individual skin needs.” And salon owner, Dave Plum, states, “ Lawrence has a unique way of professionalism, he doesn’t short cut anything. He choreographs each facial with specific techniques. He almost never leaves contact with a client’s face. His brushes work to the music he uses, while treating his facials as a play.” With master knowledge in the field of skin, Lawrence still strives to improve and develop a new technique with each new client! While finding the perfect skin care specialist may be tricky, the benefits of a facial are endless. A facial can do many amazing things for the skin, depending on particular skin types and complexions. The benefits of skin treatments and products are also necessary to prevent skin cancers. Many specialists believe that prevention of skin cancer through better education and treatments can lead to protection against the harmful ranges of ultraviolet radiation found from the suns rays. After speaking with Lawrence Nurnberger and analyzing research based on facial treatments, a few questions concerning facials are answered below: How often should an individual have a facial? The experts agree that once or twice a month is recommended if you can afford the treatment. But if the treatment is too expensive for some, once during every season change is the next option for facial treatments. How do you find an aesthetician that suits your needs? One simple answer: Networking! Find out where that woman in Master Aesthetician Lawrence Nurnberger

False ME43 line at the store goes to get her facials, and then do your own research to find out whether or not the skin specialist is licensed like Lawrence. How do you know a product’s quality when it comes to care? Make sure that hydration is the number one goal of the product. The product should also contain essential oils and plant extracts and not artificial or synthetic preservatives. Also make sure that the product has active ingredients that are strong but are not abrasive. Can you make an at home, mini- facial treatment? Going to get a professional facial treatment is always the best way to find pure and effective skin care. But to replenish in between professional sessions the use of avocados is hydrating to the face. Oatmeal and yogurt are soothing to apply. Some experts also claim egg whites leave the face firm, while lemon exfoliates the skin and cucumbers help remove puffiness from the eyes. Remember a good facial will leave you glowing with a sense of renewed, rebalanced, restored, and revitalized skin! And don’t worry; looking a bit flushed and greasy is always the case. Express your skin through a facial and it will be sure to shine confidence of your natural glow afterwards!