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False ME40 Heating up your love life Written by Lindsey Bateman, Editor of Life & Health “ The deepest and most satisfying sex usually comes when two people are open, honest and respectful in their communication,” says Lou Paget, ‘ sexpert’ and author of the acclaimed sex guides for women How to Be a Great Lover and How to Give Her Absolute Pleasure. Once that happens, she says, “ There are no bounds to the passion, spontaneity and wonderful soul- merging sex you and your partner can experience.” Does this spark your attention? Maybe you are not sure how to spice things up in the bedroom? Or is it possible that you are just in a relationship rut? According to the University of Chicago’s Sex American survey, the more sex a person has, the better the chances to have a happy life and a happy relationship. The survey found most Americans have sex only once a week, with 35 percent reporting encounters of intimacy just a few times a year. The survey of 3,000 adult Americans between 18 and 59 years old also found 43 percent of women and 31 percent of men experience sexual problems. With this study, one has to realize how having a low sex drive can relate to a troubled relationship as a whole. So what must we do to change our bedroom despair? Make sure you are eating right!!! While there is no proven connection between a balanced diet and bedroom performance, a poor diet can cause health problems that can possibly interfere with sexual intimacy. Doctors specializing in nutrition and food science agree saying, “ You will feel sexy if you look and feel good.” Another way to think about this issue is fueling your car engine so that it may be able to function properly. If we do not fuel our engines, we experience fatigue and would rather sleep than become sexually active. So instead of rolling over to your side of the bed tonight, take charge, fuel your body, and your partner will thank you! The next step is to get moving!! Being physically active can be a natural sexual boost, according to the American Council of Exercise ( ACE), which recommends 20 to 30 minutes of moderate exertion a day. Researchers say exercise can promote the body’s release of hormones important for sexual arousal, increase aerobic capacity and muscle strength, and help self- body image. All of these provide benefits for “ under the sheets” activity. Plus, exercise releases stress, which in turn can promote positive sexual energy. One of the most important necessities for boosting sex drive is adequate levels of sleep. A National Sleep Foundation ( NSF) poll, conducted in 2008, shows people’s moods can be affected by the amount of sleep they obtain. People who sleep less than six hours are more likely to report they are tired, stressed, sad, and angry than those who sleep more than eight hours. On another note, those with few sleep problems tend to report they are full of energy and happy. NSF’s 2008 Sleep in America poll indicates that the lines between work and home life are blurred. More than half of Americans ( 58%) are bringing work home to complete at night. In fact, 20 percent spend more than ten hours a week doing job- related activities at home. So as you can see, a lack of sleep leads to weight gain, more accident proneness, and overall stress. So getting that extra hour of shut- eye could change sexual behavior for the better in any relationship! Eating right, exercising, and getting the proper amount of sleep is definitely important when it comes to sexual desire. But the overall state of stress on the body is crucial when performing sexually. Relaxation is something that most couples have problem focusing on. To unwind a day mentally doctors suggest taking time aside for a walk, a dinner, or a chat without interruption from outside sources is a must. Clearing the head from other aspects of your life is what it takes to reap the benefits of “ getting in the mood” to perform with your partner. Understanding each other’s needs and wants is a great way to take your sexual relationship in the right direction. Communication is key to a successful relationship. Talking about sex is only beneficial in the long run. Overall, if you have a good ground of stress management, setting your priorities, and taking good care of yourself, then you WILL and CAN build a healthy sexual relationship. Of course not every couple is a perfect match, but taking extra time to cherish yourself and your significant other can lead to a more “ heated” love life! Take charge this summer, set a flame and light the fire. Spark up your bedroom, heat up your love life, and get your exercise, your healthy diet, and sleep! Spice up your love life and explore all that you and your partner have to offer!

False ME41 Shaping Up Your Vacation to Keep You in Shape Written by David Mundy Ahhhhhhhhhhhh at last, summer is here. For most, that means the vacations are coming, the break from work, or school that maintains our sanity. Vacations can be anything as far as just sitting around at home, sleeping until your eyes open naturally, or watching your favorite television shows. You can just go to the beach and do the same thing, but instead of watching television you watch the ocean crash on to the beach, while hoping a seagull doesn’t use your head for a toilet. Those are peaceful ways to spend the couple weeks of break you have in between the monotony of life. Yet nowadays doing that is just… BOOOORRRRING. This summer you should step outside of the normal vacation spot “ box” and go on an adventure. The more activities you have planned this summer, the more memorable the trip will be. The more adventurous the trip is, the better you’ll feel, all while engaging in activities that keep you looking and feeling great. Keeping away from the beach all together, you could try a change of climate in Utah’s Red Mountain Spa. People new to adventure can take an introductory course on mountain biking, rock climbing, horseback riding, or kayaking. You can hike through the Grand Canyon or through the narrows of Zion National Park. At night after your long fulfilling day, you’ll be staying in a villa over looking 400 ft. red cliffs. Before you doze off you can check out the spa and get a massage to keep you from being too sore for the next day’s adventures. To cap off your fitness vacation, their health services staff offers body composition and metabolic tests to plan a long- term weight loss or training program. Now you might be thinking to yourself, why would I waste my warm summer vacation in the cold mountains? So back to the beach if that’s the kind of thinking you have, and you may be interested in the Multisport Adventure in Baja California, Mexico, for a seven- day multisport excursion. Baja Wild’s professional instructors will lead you through mountain biking through the coastal desert, surfing Baja’s beautiful Pacific beaches, and kayaking in the ocean. That sounds like the perfect adventure for a summer vacation, but once again if you are thinking “ hmmmm I dunno,” then there are millions of other vacations to take this summer that will keep you fit as well as entertained. If you are still reluctant to change your normal summer vacation plans, then try changing your diet. Nothing and this writer means nothing, will keep you in shape or help you slim down faster than a good diet. Bad foods do not exist; they are one of the many pleasures of life. Foods become bad foods when you over indulge. Eat what you want, enjoy yourself this summer, but stay active. Swim, surf, windsurf, parasail in any ocean you decide to go to. Run, skip, jump, hop down the beach; try bicycling this summer instead of driving, go rock climbing, hiking, or spelunking in the mountains, whatever you do, do something. The best way to make a summer memorable is to stay active and have fun. If you are worried about your health and level of fitness don’t just lay on that beach blanket stuffing yourself full of calories and wondering what you should do. Throw the hot dog down and go pick up a new activity, you’ll be surprised how much difference just a small change in your normal summer vacation plans can impact your life so greatly. You won’t even be thinking about it while you are having fun. So whether you are in the mountains, or on the beach, in a spa or on the sand, try to have some care free fun this summer. There is no reason not to try and stay healthy while doing it. Treating Me