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False ME37 Our name has changed but the mission is the same. The mission of the Prevent Cancer Foundation ( formerly the Cancer Research and Prevention Foundation) is cancer prevention and early detection through research, education and community outreach to all populations, including children and the underserved. To find out more about how you can prevent cancer or to make an online donation, visit www. PreventCancer. org. 1600 Duke Street, Suite 500 Alexandria, VA 22314

False ME38 Lindsey Listens! Written by Lindsey Bateman, Editor of Life & Health Some people go to the end of the earth to find happiness, health, and clarity of life. I must say, surrounding myself with the people and things that I truly adore have in- turn created harmony in my own personal existence. Welcome to the Lindsey Listens section of MEME2 Magazine! As an Editor and writer of Health and Life, I pride my own life by living healthy and happy with each new day. I take pleasure in reaching out to others who embrace such values. I enjoy writing and editing passionate works on well- being and healthy focuses. I vow to my readers to take a stance on healthy issues and to create awareness of living life in the most fulfilling ways possible. Through research and experience I have come to the reality; Life and health are measured by love and happiness. With this thought in mind, I promise ( with the best of my ability), to listen to questions and concerns that arise in every day life from YOU the reader. I also make a pact to educate you while voicing my own personal opinion on a variety of health-related subjects. I hope that you will enjoy reading my continuous column, Lindsey Listens! And please feel free to put in your two cents by e- mailing: lindsey. bateman@ meme2magazine. com, because I will be listening! Lindsey, I work all the time during the week and I find myself unable to relax on the weekends. I normally resort to cleaning the house or bringing my work from the office home. How do I relax and enjoy my weekend time without working? * Anxious Dear Anxious, I completely understand your concern in regards to relaxation on the weekends. Many people find it difficult to unwind after a hectic work week. But there is great news: Hope is out there! Whenever I find myself stressing over issues such as these I relax with a nice therapeutic massage or pampering day at my local salon. On days where I need an extra boost I discover joy in a lovely pedicure session. After speaking with many podiatrists across the nation, I have found, “ Applying pressure to over 30 muscles in the foot rids stress and tension from the mind and body.” But who can afford pedicures every weekend? Yoga is a great way to de- stress the mind of unnecessary worry while also providing exercise to the entire body. But if you are not up for yoga, you could try taking a walk in the park, or even calling a close friend for conversation. Good luck! For Real