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False ME256 Dealing With Your Sign! Working with our natural traits bestowed upon birth according to our astrological sign, MeMe2 Magazine has come up with the best ways to make the most of your sign during these hot summer months! Keep reading to find the best way to deal with your sign! Cancer ( June 22- July 22) Cancers love to be around the ones they love in their own familiar setting such as home. This summer show off your Crab- like style by turning your place into the “ hot- spot” for your friends and loved ones. Make your pad the place to be this summer with themed nights where your friends can enjoy a new “ destination” each night! Crank up the music and decor appropriate for your destination and go to a hot new spot right from the comforts of your own home! Check out the great food ideas from Design Cuisine on pg. ME256 that will help you in your adventures. Leo ( July 23- August 22) The Lion always has a strong presence no matter where they go! Always ready to make a statement… so just be sure that you are dressed to impress wherever you go. And, lucky you that bold color and animal prints are in this season. Go get ‘ em tiger! Virgo ( August 23- September 22) The Virgin always striving for perfection in themselves and others— chill out! The best way to perfect yourself this summer and relax at the same time is take some time out at the spa. If you’re looking for something a little more affordable— and perhaps even more fun, have a pedicure/ spa party with the pals. Share your beauty tips and perfect all of you and your friends— head to toe! Libra ( September 23- October 22) Libra must stay balanced between all of their social, professional, and health aspects of their lives. Because of their innate ability to get along with people, desire to be around the action, and love for the arts, Libra needs to make the most of that big summer concert with friends. Keep in mind your indecisiveness and plan your schedule ahead of time to make the most of it!

False ME257 Scorpio ( October 23- November 21) A day at the beach for you! The scorpion needs to have some time by the water to ponder your own thoughts, feelings, where you have been, and where you are going. Grab your towel and some sunscreen and head to the beach for some personal reflection time! Sagittarius ( November 22- December 21) The Sagittarius is always trying to learn something new to better their well- being. So… Get lost! Go somewhere new and exciting that you’ve never been before. Whether it’s across the world in a foreign land or a road trip to the mountains in other part of the state, go explore the ways of another place and people. You’ll have fun discovering and increase your ever-growing wealth of knowledge! Capricorn ( December 22- January 19) Sorry, but you mountain goats need to take a hike! You are always striving for the next big thing— sometimes without looking back on your own accomplishments and personal aspects of your life. Go ahead and climb that next mountain— for real— only this time, take a pen and paper. When you get to the top write down all of the precious aspects of your life that you could not do without. As you come down the mountain keep all of these points and people in mind and explore how to appreciate them and include them more in your everyday activities. Aquarius ( January 20- February 18) Your thinking is progressive and of another realm! Use your intellect and great communication skills to organize an event this summer. Perhaps a fundraiser or walk- a- thon would be great for you to put your skills to use and make the world a better place at the same time. Make the event fun for that worthwhile and rewarding cause! Pisces ( February 19- March 20 The Fish is very sensitive to the world and others around them— always trying to make the world a better place. Perhaps you would consider fulfilling your need in a missionary trip this summer. The change of scenery would do you good. If that is not possible, consider volunteering with a local charity group. Learn something new and help out at the same time! Aries ( March 21- April 19) An ongoing project for the ram— don’t worry, it’s fun and it will make your space in the world a much more beautiful place. Practice some tender loving care and patience by growing a beautiful flower garden. If you don’t have access to much outdoors space, grow a few indoor plants to brighten up and freshen your habitat. Check out some great flower ideas on pg. ME32. Taurus ( April 20- May 20) Quench the bull’s thirst for material adornment. Let’s go shopping! Except this time, instead of spending all your money on the most expensive items, plan a day to go out with your friends and catch all the best sales of the season. This 4th of July, celebrate your independence from expensive shopping! Gemini ( May 21- June 21) When all the rest of the world is getting on your nerves you need some way to escape, calm down, and relax! Channel your normal everyday excitement into a regular every- day activity such as yoga or even a weekly activity of movie night with the friends. This ritualistic activity of relaxing and having a good time will help you to cope with those outside distractions that drive you up the wall. You’ll have something to count on where you can sit back and not necessarily have to be the normal social butterfly that you are.