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False Clorius Controls A/ S Tempovej 27 DK- 2750 Ballerup Denmark Tel.: + 45 77 32 31 30 Fax: + 45 77 32 31 31 www. cloriuscontrols. com Vendor: Complete control systems Clorius Controls offers a complete range of tested and reliable equipment for control of heating, cooling and ventilation systems, all with the purpose of achieving the highest reliability and saving energy. Control valves Clorius valves are simple and reliable for regulation of tempe-rature and pressure differences in heating, cooling and ventilation systems for maritime industry, general industry, institutions and residences. Controllers Clorius Controls offers a wide range of electronic controllers for heating, cooling and ventilation systems. The controllers are available for systems in the maritime industry, general industry, institutions and residences. Clorius Controls offers controllers for simple stand- alone solutions or for larger BMS- plants. Balancing valves With Ballorex balancing valves the water flow in the individual heating circuits can be balanced and regulated. Motors Clorius Controls offers a large program of conven-tional regulation motors and analogue motors. This includes special motors for maritime use, which are designed to withstand vibrations. Specialists in selected areas Residences and institutions Equipment for control and regulation of heating and ventilation systems Industry Valves and thermo-stats for the regulation of heating, cooling and process heat Maritime industry Certified valves, ther-mostats and motors Thermostats Self- acting thermostats from Clorius Controls are direct- acting and available with sensors for air or liquids. They are also available as safety thermostats for the protection of secon-dary pipe installations. Pressure differential controllers The controllers from Clorius Controls lower large and variable pump pressure to stabilize the flow in the plant. Clorius Controls’ products can also be found on Tribon. com. © Clorius Controls A/ S - 3.0.00- B- GB

False 2- way Control Valves type L1S2.2.02- K Gun Metal, PN 16, DN 15/ 6 – 20 mmGB- 1 Technical Data Materials: - valve body Gun metal RG 5 - components Stainless steel Nominal pressure PN 16 Seating Single seated Valve characteristic Quadratic Leakage = 0.05% of kvs Temperature range See pressure/ tem-perature diagram Mounting See page 2 Internal connection threads ISO 7/ 1 Subject to change without notice. Characteristics • Nominal pressure PN 16 • Regulating capability • Single seated and tight closing • Quadratic characteristic Applications Regulating valves type L1S are designed for regulating low, medium and high pressure hot water, steam and lubricating oils. The valves are installed combined with temperature or pressure differential regulators in control systems for heating of domestic premises, district heating, industrial processes or marine installa-tions. Dimensioning For sizing of control valves and selection of actuators please see " Quick Choice" leafl et no. 9.0.00. Design The valve components - spindle, seats and cone - are made of stainless steel. The valve body is made of gun metal RG 5. The thread for the actuator con-nection is G1B ISO 228. The valves are single seated and designed for tight closure. The leakage rate is less than 0.05% of the full fl ow ( according to VDI/ VDE 2174). To obtain an approximate, linear transfer performance, for use in systems with standard existing heat exchangers and pumps, the valve characteristic is made quadratic. Quality assurance All valves are manufactured under an ISO 9001 certifi cation, and are pressure and leakage tested before shipment. For marine applications the valves can be supplied with relevant test certifi cates from recognized classifi cation societies. Function Without the actuator being connected, the valve is held in open position by means of a spring. With pressure on the spindle the valve will close. In connection with thermostats or elec-tronic actuators, the valves will close at rising temperatures. For cooling circuits a reverse acting valve can be used. The quadratic characteristic will not cease, until the fl ow has dropped below 4% of the full fl ow. Bar 16 15,5 11 0100130200225 o C Pressure/ Temperature Diagram According to DIN 2401 Specifi cations Type Connection threads DN mm Opening mm kvs- value m3/ h Lifting height mm Weight kg 15/ 6 L1SRp ½ 1560.4560.7 15/ 9 L1SRp ½ 1590.9560.7 15/ 12 L1SRp ½ 15121.760.7 15 L1SRp ½ 15152.7560.7 20 L1SRp ¾ 20205.0070.8 kvs > 25 kvr Clorius Controls A/ S Tempovej 27 · DK- 2750 Ballerup · Denmark Tel.: + 45 77 32 31 30 · Fax: + 45 77 32 31 31 E- mail: mail@ cloriuscontrols. com Web: www. cloriuscontrols. com