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False Safety Thermostat type SH43.6.01- F Automatic Release SystemGB- 1 Characteristics • Closing power 400 N • Setting range 30- 140 º C • Combined use with regulating thermostat • Built- in hydraulic brake against pressure surge • Complies with the requirements of DIN 3440 Application Safety thermostat SH4 is an on/ off actua-tor which, together with a valve, is used for the protection of secondary pipe installations in heat exchanger systems, which on the primary side are connected to steam, district heating, high- pressure hot water or hot- oil supplies. The safety thermostat can be used either separately or combined with a regulating thermostat, whereby the regulating valve will also serve as a safety valve. By activating the thermostat the valve will close, whereby unintended increases in temperature and pressure in the secondary installations are avoided. The appropriate possible combination of regulating valve and thermostat simpli-fies the total pipe installation and makes it cheaper. The safety thermostat is useable with all our valves from DN 4- 150 mm diameter, dependent on ?p max. and can be com-bined with all thermostats of the V2 and V4 type. It is recommended to combine the safety thermostat with a single seated, respec-tively a single seated balanced valve to minimize the leakage rate. Dimensioning For sizing of control valves and for closing pressures, please see “ Quick Choice” leaflet no. 9.0.00. Construction The thermostat SH4 consists in principle of two cylinders built together in parallel as well as a fluid- filled sensor system. The first cylinder - the power part - is fitted directly onto the valve and con-tains a through spindle, which can partly transfer the power from a possible regu-lating thermostat and partly, by means of a tightened spring, close the valve by force by activating the release mecha-nism ( hinged joint). The build- in hydraulic brake is also contained in the cylinder. The other cylinder - the selector - is supplied with a hermetically sealed fluid-filled metal bellows, which on expansion or contraction can influence the release mechanism on the power part by means of two selector rings. One ring ( break safe) is set permanently at + 5 º C and normally only comes into use when there is a leak in the sensor system. The other ring is the actual temperature- selector, which from the factory is set at 110 º C. The bellows system is connected to the fluid- filled sensor via a capillary tube. Operation The safety thermostat’s sensor is in-stalled in the exposed pipe system ( the heat exchanger’s secondary side). With a temperature rise above the selected setting the greatly expanded fluid of the sensor compresses the bellows of the selector in such a way that the selector ring influences the release mechanism, and the valve closes. The build- in hydraulic brake ensures a slow closing of the valve, whereby pres-sure surge is avoided. The return of the safety thermostat to its setting is made manually by means of the special tools supplied. Re- setting can only take place when the sensor temperature has dropped below the set temperature. Adjustment for Ambient Temperature As a bellow system necessarily contains a relatively large volume of fluid in pro-portion to the sensor, it is necessary to correct the release ring’s setting, if the ambient temperature deviates from the 20 º C, for which factory adjustment has been made. Adjustment Instructions Adjustment instruction are given inside the SH4 casing and in the instructions. Technical Data Closing power 400 N Travel 22 mm max. Closing time 2 sec. Lower release temp. + 5 º C firm Range for upper release temp. 30- 140 º C Factory setting of upper release temp. 110 º C Sensor type Copper rod sensor Capillary tube 3 m Cu ( copper) Max. permitted sensor: - temperature 165 º C - pressure 40 bar Ambient temperature range 0- 70 º C Valve connection ISO 228 - G1 Release indication Hinged joint visible outside thermostat casing Weight Approx. 3 kg Basic standard DIN 3440 Mounting In order to minimize wear and tear, the valves - especially the larger ones - should be mounted with vertical stem. At valve temperatures of max. 170 º C the valves are mounted optionally with the connecting boss below or above the valve. At valve temperatures above max. 170 º C cooling unit type KS is used according to the following lines ( cooling unit KS- 5 is compulsory when medium is hot oil): Connecting Valve Cooling boss temperature unit Up- or downwards max. 170 º C - Downwards max. 250 º C KS- 4 Downwards max. 350 º C KS- 5 To ensure the function of the valve a strainer ought to be inserted in the pipe system in front of the valve. Subject to change, without notice Clorius Controls A/ S Tempovej 27 · DK- 2750 Ballerup · Denmark Tel.: + 45 77 32 31 30 · Fax: + 45 77 32 31 31 E- mail: mail@ cloriuscontrols. com Web: www. cloriuscontrols. com

False GB- 2 Safety Thermostat type SH43.6.01- F Automatic Release System Accessories Cooling Unit KS- 4 Cooling unit protecting the stuffing box of the thermostat. Is used at valve tempera-tures between 170 º C and 250 º C. Cooling Unit KS- 5 Cooling unit with built- in bellows gland substitutes the stuffing box of the ther-mostat. Compulsory at hot oil plants and at valve temperatures between 250 º C and 350 º C. Spare Parts Release mechanism with sensor Power unit Compression tool Stuffing- box Subject to change, without notice Dimension sketch Compression tool Approx. 45o Without thermostat With thermostat Clorius Controls A/ S Tempovej 27 · DK- 2750 Ballerup · Denmark Tel.: + 45 77 32 31 30 · Fax: + 45 77 32 31 31 E- mail: mail@ cloriuscontrols. com Web: www. cloriuscontrols. com