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False V2, V4 and V8 Thermostats Self- acting Temperature ControlsGB- 4 3.4.01- I Fig. 6. Sensor Material etc. Adjusting cylinder Copper sensorsAcid- resistant stainless steel sensors Capillary tubes Copper = c Stainless steel = n abcdefhkn DIN/ EN no. 10088174401787OM- Metal171001725174401744017440 Material no. 1.43011.43052.0090OM- Metal1.01343.25811.44361.44351.4301 Cooling Unit KS- 5 Cooling unit with built- in bellows gland. Replaces the stuffing box of thermostat. Must be applied by valve temperatures between 250 º C and 350 º C and in case of hot oil systems. Cooling Unit KS- 4 Cooling unit protecting the stuffing box of the motor/ thermostat. To be applied at valve temperatures between 170 º C and 250 º C . Manual Adjusting Device With stuffing box. For tightening and manual operation of the valves, when an actuator has not been fitted, e. g. during periods of construction. Accessories Fig. 5. Time Coefficient for Sensors The time coefficients for rod and spiral sensors are measured in water flowing at a velocity of 1 m/ sec., for air duct spiral sensors in air at a velocity of 4 m/ sec. In the table the time lag T D and time coefficient T are indicated in sec. Type CopperAcid- resistant stainless steelCopper with sensor pocket Rod sensorSpiral sensor Spiral sensor for air duct Rod sensorSpiral sensorRod sensorLiquid in sensor Tpocket D TT D TTT D TT D TT D T V2.051085320360108532020210Hot oil V4.03612032036069032020250Hot oil V4.056130220360610022020200Hot oil V4.108165220360815022525300Hot oil V8.098165230600922023025450Hot oil V8.1892801065 Subject to changes, without notice. Clorius Controls A/ S Tempovej 27 · DK- 2750 Ballerup · Denmark Tel.: + 45 77 32 31 30 · Fax: + 45 77 32 31 31 E- mail: mail@ cloriuscontrols. com Web: www. cloriuscontrols. com

False V2, V4 and V8 Thermostats3.4.01- I Self- acting Temperature ControlsGB- 5 Fig. 7. Dimensions and WeightsDimensional Sketch The measurements G and H are pipe threads according to ISO R7/ 1. All other measurements are mm. Weight: Net. c = Copper sensor. s = Acid- resistant stainless steel sensor. Thermostat / Sensor material Type V2.05Type V4.03Type V4.05Type V4.10Type V8.09Type V8.18 cscscscscscs Adjusting cylinder A305305385385385385385385560560560 B405405525525525525525525740740740 Weights: see below Sensor with threaded connection C210190210190390380490515710745800 D235170235170235250325325425435810 Weight incl. G- connection Weight incl. H- connection E2222222222222825282534 F4949494949494949494949 GR ¾ R ¾ R1R1R1R1R1R1R2R2R2 HR2R2R2R2R2R2R2R2R2R2R2 kg1. kg2. Sensors with air duct flange F4949494949 I430430430430450 L6060606060 M9595959595 kg1. Sensor with steel flange DN 50, PN 40 E2222222222222825282534 F4949494949494949494949 N200180200180380360480505700735790 O225160225160225240315315415425800 P4x184x184x184x184x184x184x184x184x184x184x18 R125125125125125125125125125125125 S165165165165165165165165165165165 T2222222222222222222222 kg5. Sensor with steel flange DN 50, PN 160 E2222222222222825282534 F4949494949494949494949 N180160180160360340460485680715770 O205140205140205220295295395405780 P4x274x274x274x274x274x274x274x274x274x274x27 R145145145145145145145145145145145 S195195195195195195195195195195195 T4545454545454545454545 kg11.311.311.911.912.112.112.812.815.315.316.3 Sensors without connection Available with capillary pack box in stainless steel ( 1.4436) E2222222222222825282534 F4949494949494949494949 GR1R1R1R1R1R1R1R1R2R2R2 HR2R2R2R2R2R2R2R2R2R2R2 U250230250230430410535555750785840 V290220290220290310375370470490860 kg1) kg2) kg3) kg4) Subject to changes, without notice. Clorius Controls A/ S Tempovej 27 · DK- 2750 Ballerup · Denmark Tel.: + 45 77 32 31 30 · Fax: + 45 77 32 31 31 E- mail: mail@ cloriuscontrols. com Web: www. cloriuscontrols. com