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False Balanced 2- way Control Valves type M1FB Cast iron, PN 16, DN 25 – 80 mmGB- 2 2.3.03- F Valve size DN 25- 65 mm Valve size DN 80 mm Definition of kvs- value The kvs- value is identical to the IEC flow coefficient kv and defined as the water flow rate in m3/ h through the fully open valve by a constant differential pressure, ?pv of 1 bar. Mounting The valves should be installed with verti-cal spindles in order to reduce wear and tear. For valve temperatures of max. 170 º C, the thermostat/ actuator can be fitted below or above the valve. For valve temperatures above 170 º C, a cooling unit of type KS has to be applied with connection downwards according to the following instructions: Valve Cooling Suitable Temperature Unit for 170 º C - 250 º C KS- 4 All actuators 250 º C - 300 º C KS- 5 Thermostats 250 º C - 300 º C KS- 6 Valve Motors KS- 5 or KS- 6 must be applied to hot oil systems. Strainer It is recommended to use a strainer in front of the control valve if the liquid contains suspended particles. Accessories Manual Adjusting Device The device has a built- in stuffing box. For tightening and manual operation of valves when an actuator has not been fitted, e. g. during periods of construction. Cooling Unit KS- 4 Cooling Unit protecting the stuffing box of the motor/ thermostat. To be applied at valve temperatures between 170 º C and 250 º C. Cooling Unit KS- 5 Cooling Unit KS- 6 Cooling units with built- in bellow glands, replacing stuffing box of thermostat ( KS- 5) or valve motor ( KS- 6). Must be applied at valve temperatures above 250 º C and in hot oil systems, regardless the temperature of oil. Subject to changes without notice. L H1 H G1B kD d b G1B b kD d L HH1 Dimension sketch Dimensions Type L mm H mm H1 mm b mm D ( dia.) mm k ( dia.) mm d mm dia. ( number) 25 M1FB16018070161158514x( 4) 32 M1FB180195751814010018x( 4) 40 M1FB200205851815011018x( 4) 50 M1FB230225952016512518x( 4) 65 M1FB2902601102018514518x( 8) 80 M1FB3102751152220016018x( 8) Clorius Controls A/ S Tempovej 27 · DK- 2750 Ballerup · Denmark Tel.: + 45 77 32 31 30 · Fax: + 45 77 32 31 31 E- mail: mail@ cloriuscontrols. com Web: www. cloriuscontrols. com

False Balanced 2- way Control Valves type H1FB2.4.03- G Cast steel, PN 40, DN 25 – 80 mmGB- 1 Characteristics • Pressure balanced • Single seated, tight closing • Quadratic valve characteristic • Regulating capability better than 25: 1 Applications The pressure balanced control valves type H1FB are designed for regulating hot water, steam, hot oil etc. and can be used if a single- seated valve is required, but where the system pressure and valve size, out of regard for the pressure force of the actuator, necessitate a pressure balanced valve. The valves are installed combined with one of our temperature regulators in con-trol systems in domestic premises, district heating systems, industrial processes or marine installations. Dimensioning For sizing of control valves and selection of actuators, please see “ Quick Choice” leaflet no. 9.0.00. Design The valve components - spindle, seat, cone and bellows - are made of stain-less steel. The bellows for balancing the pressure is fitted on the valve spindle and it reduces the power necessary for closing the valve, as the upstream pressure of the medium through the hollow valve spindle acts outside and the pressure after the valve acts inside the bellows system. The valve body is made of cast steel GS- C25 with connection flanges drilled according to EN 1092- 1. The connection thread for the actuator is G1B ISO 228. The valves are single seated and tight closing. The leakage is less than 0.05% of full flow ( see VDI/ VDE 2174). Function Without an actuator being connected, the valve is held in open position by means of a spring and the bellows system. With pressure on the spindle the valve will close. In connection with our thermostats, the valves will close at rising temperatures. For cooling circuits a reverse acting valve can be used. The quadratic characteristic will not cease until the flow has dropped below 4% of the full flow. Quality assurance All valves are manufactured under an ISO 9001 certification and are pressure and leakage tested before shipment. For marine applications the valves can be supplied with relevant test certificates from recognized classification societies. Technical Data Materials: - Valve body Cast steel GS- C25 - Components Stainless steel - Bolts, nuts 24 CrMo 4/ A4 Nominal pressure PN 40 Seating Single seated Valve characteristic Quadratic Regulating capability kvs > 25 kvr Leakage = 0.05% of kvs Temperature range See pressure/ temperature diagram Mounting See page 2 Flanges EN 1092- 1 PN 40 Colour Green Subject to changes without notice. Specifications Type Flange connection DN in mm Opening mm kvs- value m3/ h Lifting height mm Weight kg 25 H1FB25257.576 32 H1FB323212.589 40 H1FB404020913 50 H1FB5050301016 65 H1FB6565501323 80 H1FB8080801638 Pressure/ Temperature Diagram According to DIN 2401 - 10200300 10 20 24 30 40 Bar 120350oC Clorius Controls A/ S Tempovej 27 · DK- 2750 Ballerup · Denmark Tel.: + 45 77 32 31 30 · Fax: + 45 77 32 31 31 E- mail: mail@ cloriuscontrols. com Web: www. cloriuscontrols. com