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From the beginnings of a very humble model to a very humble actor Lance Gross is quietly picking up steam in Hollywood, thanks mostly to the success of the Tyler Perry franchise. With House Of Payne on TBS and the new film Meet The Browns, Gross has a built in audience and is getting noticed as an actor with more than just good looks. It all started at a party that BET had several years ago, as Gross ended up on the elevator with another “franchise”, Karl Kani. In that brief moment of an elevator ride, Gross landed a job and got the entertainment “bug”. The moments don’t stop there; being discovered by Tyler Perry was another moment of being in the right place, as he was a student of Tasha Smith’s acting class (Smith teaches acting school). Perry happened to be at one of the classes discussing a role for Smith (if you recall, she most recently was in Perry’s Why Did I Get Married?) and saw Gross’ performance for the first time, and next thing you know Gross is in House Of Payne. So, we got a chance to speak with Gross about all of these breaks he’s gotten, and how life has changed for him since. Here is a portion of our interview as he dispels all the facts from fiction. Humor Mill: I want to displace all the rumors, we've heard from several people that you were discovered by Karl Kani in an elevator, is that true? Lance Gross: I was. It was way back in the day though. I was actually at a party for BET and I was in the elevator and Karl Kani stopped me and we spoke for a little bit and a week later I was headed to LA to do his commercial for his clothing line. HM: What did he say to you? LG: Well, we talked and I told him I was interested in modeling at the time. He said great, I'm doing a commercial for my clothing line. He asked me if I knew anything about his clothing line, which I did and that was history. The next week I was on a flight to LA to shoot a national commercial. So that's how it happened. All in the elevator. (laughs) HM: Wow that was a fast twenty seconds. Let's fast forward to now. You have a career and now you were introduced in "Meet The Browns". First let's start with Tyler Perry's House of Payne. Can you tell us how that basically developed how you were chosen and how that developed for you? LG: I guess I'm just a lucky guy because that was a unique situation also. I was taking an acting class in Los Angeles taught by Tasha Smith. It was a technique at her studio but Tyler Perry happened to be a friend to Tasha. Cashmere and leather sweater by Salvage