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A V E NG ER X A-Tackle company Aggressor-X Avenger-X Assassin-X Agitator-X eam 651-429-3351 A-Team Tackle Simply Fishing Magazine .com To reach us simply e-mail us at; As the publisher of Simply Fishing Magazine I will strive to hear your message and respond within this publication. The editors of Simply Fishing magazine welcome your input and suggest you submit your articles in the form of word documents with pictures. All authors whose work is accepted will be contacted via your personal e-mail prior to any publishing. To become a staff writer please contact the editor at To receive advertising rates and production schedules, please request them through the advertising department at is published bimonthly and free to all readers. Subscriptions for those interested in printing any media within Simply Fishing Magazine are available at $9.95 annually. Departments Don’t miss our want ad section... One man’s junk is another man’s treasure... Post your’s Today

Welcome to the inaugural issue of We are embarking today on a journey that will for certain take us to many new exotic places. We will learn, as we taste the angling opportunities available to those willing to seek them out. I will strive to share new knowledge from every corner of the freshwater world, from the deep blue oceans that surrounds every contentment, to your back yard. From muskie to sturgeon, from shook to sailfish, we will seek those with the wisdom to share their passion for the sport, and grace this publication with their written words. If you have the love for the sport and the patience to put your thoughts and knowledge into words. Then please by all means submit your thesis to our editors and you to will find the enjoyment experienced by every writer, as others take from your experiences and in turn become better anglers themselves. Everyone is welcome to share their thoughts within the pages of Simply- I personally will be on the road for months on end with the intent of bringing you the latest how to tips and trends, location specific information and new information relating to species and seasons. We will define details on the newest lure innovations and techniques that will benefit everyone and improve your angling skills. will launch with five issues in the first year, twelve in the second and twenty-four in the third. Making SimplyFiahingMagazine. com one of the most aggressive and timely fishing publications in the industry. You could almost say we will be in real-time. Actually read it today and apply what you read tomorrow. One goal among many others, is to excite and unite anglers from all four corners of the globe with this fully interactive multimedia experience. Will you help? Let me say thanks now for those that do. Free to read, just please pass the word and the rest will take it’s natural course. The Professor, Bob Mehsikomer Publisher Features Volume #1 Published by Digital Integration Group Services About The Cover Alton Jones captures the Bass Master’s Classic. Learn more in our June-July issue as we go behind the scenes of Alton Jones. Page 8 X-Tream Peacocks In The Amazon Page 16 El-Salto Bass, South Of The Boarder Page 26 Churn It Up-Baits That Go Thump Page 30 Spring Time Crappie Banaza Page 38 The Cutting Edge-Mayhem Page 42 Spring Walleye-Nows The Time Page 46 The Rule Of 7’S and What You Need To Know. Interactive, Location Specific Feeding Periods, by the Professor Customized Too Your Location Give me you location and dates and I will give you the best times directly relative to your location See our calendar inside