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Going Green 34 We extend an open invitation to visit us at Ardeley Park, experience our creative process and tour the farm to view our extensive scheme of habitat creation and maintenance. Ardeley Park is a traditional countryside environment spanning 175 acres. Stewardship projects include: 2 new ponds with wetland habitats - providing water for animals, birds & wildfowl – mallard, tufted duck, heron, cormorant, geese, dragonflies, swifts, peewits & swallows. In 1999, we planted 10 acres of mostly traditional woodland and in 2003 created another 10 acres. Over the next 5 years we expect to plant a further 2000 hardwood trees. Managing 12 acres of ancient ash woodland; creating and preserving a diverse ecosystem. A magnificent carpet of bluebells can be seen here in the spring. Annual planting of wild bird seed cover, providing seed from August through the winter. 12 different plots are planted around the farm, with a mix of sunflowers (of course!) red and white millet, giant sorghum, buckwheat, triticale, quinoa, mustard, fodder radish, sweet clover, stubble turnips and maize. Recently, grey partridge have successfully raised new coveys, the first snipe has been spotted, lapwings, field fares, cuckoo, woodpecker, barn owls, little owls and a plethora of songbirds are evident, as well as muntjac & fallow deer. Please call us and visit our unique HQ! MotivAction at Ardeley Park A 20 year environmental stewardship project