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Going Green 28 It is also the intention of The MotivAction group plc to enable clients to reduce the carbon footprint of all events by the use of environmentally friendly products, transport, equipment, suppliers and venues as a first choice. Where this is not possible wholly or in part, we shall offer carbon offset options. Specifically we; 1. Use the MotivAction event carbon calculator to evaluate the likely carbon footprint of the event. 2. Review and plan ways to reduce the carbon footprint of the event. 3. Advise clients on the “greenest” way to travel to the event and do the same for our staff and suppliers. 4. Invest in new products & equipment where this reduces our carbon footprint. Also, recycle, refurbish and re-use products, items and equipment used in event creation. 5. Choose all external suppliers based on their commitment to the environment. 6. Ask venues, caterers and suppliers that are used for our events to provide carbon footprint information and environmental policies. - Retain written confirmation and copies of their policies. - Ensure caterers use reusable or recyclable cutlery. - Favour locally sourced produce and products. 7. Ensure all parties are informed of the environmental initiatives for the event. 8. Communicate electronically as a preference. 9. Having calculated the likely carbon footprint, to cost carbon offset options that if purchased by the client, will enable the event to be “carbon neutral”. Environmental Events Policy It is our aim to make our internal operations carbon neutral during 2007