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Going Green 22 True, Dare, Miss or Promise Finale This is a final quiz challenge to test what teams have learned throughout the day, and uses the teams’ carbon credits: • Environmental statements are read out, eg. ‘it is expected that by 2052, 70% of Bangladesh will be underwater’. • For each fact teams choose ‘true’, or ‘miss’ if they think it is false. • For correct choices teams gain another carbon credit and for incorrect answers they lose a credit. • If they are unsure teams can vote ‘dare’ or ‘promise’; they neither lose nor gain credits, but are challenged to perform various tasks or pledge to make a difference to environmental problems through specific actions. • Teams will require more and more carbon credits to continue to the finale. If they fall below a necessary amount, eco-villain ‘The Carbonator’ declares teams ‘extinct’ • The last team remaining is crowned the ‘green champions’. The event can conclude with an awards ceremony for achievements during the day, and could feature topical prizes such as sponsorship projects for rainforests or animals to donate to villages in less developed countries. Follow-up Options Include • Personal electronic commitment reminders for the promises made during the finale. • Personal carbon footprint calculations: revisited 12 months later to measure any improvements, and the possibility of a ‘carbon footprint league table’ being set up in your company.